Faculty Mentors

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Faculty Mentors

At many universities faculty members serve as mentors for students. Mentoring goes beyond teaching in the common and narrow sense of delivering instruction and certifying students’ knowledge and skills relative to certain course outcomes, including providing support and feedback. Mentoring involves offering emotional support and encouragement as needed, offering career-related guidance and advice, pointing out opportunities, resources and tips that transcend a course, and providing connections to the world outside the classroom. A mentor often takes a special interest in the mentee’s success, just as a teacher takes an interest in each student’s success in the courses they teach.

Mentoring “happens” all the time. At BGSU, there has been an attempt to formalize this relationship, so each student has an assigned mentor they can go to when they want to, or they may be referred to by others when necessary. It is expected that this approach to mentoring can be instrumental in further enhancing student engagement and retention.

The practice of assigning faculty mentors ensures the student has at least one faculty member he/she knows and can go to besides the assigned professional advisor. The faculty mentor can help answer questions relating to the following areas:

  1. Explaining the field and the possibilities that are available after graduation, including graduate degrees.
  2. Describing the role of co-op and working with the Assistant Director for Cooperative Education and Technology Career Accelerator.
  3. Explaining courses in the major, and hints and tips for success in the courses and the major.

The student can check MyBGSU to see the faculty mentor assigned. We are providing a mentor that you can refer to for questions relating to the areas noted above. Faculty mentors go beyond these topics and will be happy to answer other program specific questions outside what the professional advisors can help with.

If the student is more comfortable with a faculty member other than the assigned mentor he/she can see his/her advisor who will work with him/her to change your mentor. If the new mentor is on the list of approved mentors the advisor will inform the new mentor of the change. If the new mentor is not on the approved mentor list, the advisor will see if the mentor will consent to the mentoring assignment.

Please call 419-372-7581 if you have questions about finding your academic advisor or faculty mentor.