Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are here to assist you in obtaining your degree. They can help you understand curriculum requirements and university and college policies and procedures. All first year students are required to meet with their advisor. 

A large part of June is dedicated to working with all incoming students at SOAR (orientation).


Follow the below instructions to set up an advising appointment with a staff advisor:

1. Navigate to your MyBGSU
2. Choose the 'SSC' icon in the middle of the page.
3. Click the Get Advising button at the top right
4. Select the options for your appointment: reasons, comments, date, location, reminders, and advisor.
5. A scheduling grid will appear to choose a time to meet with your advisor. A green checkbox signifies that the advisor is open for that specific meeting time. Choose an open time. 
 6. Review your appointment options and then click save.

What courses should I register for next?

Check your degree audit. Log-in to MyBGSU and click on Degree Audit.
Learn how to read your degree audit here.

Check the notes your advisor left at your last appointment including degree plan. Log-in to MyBGSU and click on the SSC. Learn what SSC is here.


Our academic advisors strive to help you achieve the best academic outcomes. If you feel your advisor deserves the praise of a job well done, please let him or her know.
Share your appreciation.