Academic Appeals

The College of Technology, Architecture & Applied Engineering has specific requirements for admission, program matriculation, graduation and cooperative education. Information about all requirements, and appeals, is available from Undergraduate Student Services, 102 Technology Bldg.

Petitions for an exception to an academic policy or rule should be started in Undergraduate Student Services. Examples of academic appeals include: appeals for reinstatement after being suspended or dismissed for academic reasons, appeals regarding the denial of admission to either the college or a program and appeals to drop and/or change classes to or from "S/U" beyond the specified deadline.

Appeals regarding suspension and dismissal are heard once a student is notified of the academic standing via a letter once grades are posted at the end of each term. Submit Academic Appeal form.

Appeals regarding a course grade are processed through the specific instructor(s) of the course(s) or through the appropriate department. See program contacts below.

School of the Built Environment

Department of  Architecture and Environmental Design
Contact Department Secretary at 419-372-2724.
Department of Construction Management
Contact Department Secretary at 419-372-5439.

Department of Engineering Technologies

• Aviation Studies
• Electro-Mechanical Systems Technology
• Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
• Engineering Technology
• Quality Systems
Contact Linda Leimgruber, Department Secretary, at 419-372-2439 or

Department of Visual Communication and Technology Education

• Management and Technology
• Visual Communication Technology
Contact Beth Snyder, Department Secretary, 419-372-5439 or

In cases related to academic honesty or other disciplinary action, students are referred to the Student Handbook.

Updated: 10/12/2022 10:04AM