Student Responsibilities & Requirements

Students review and sign this during their first advising appointment. 

Co-op Policy and Procedure Understanding.

You should receive an invitation to join the Co-op Orientation Workshop in Canvas. You must accept the invitation to join the workshop. Email if you do not have the workshop in your Canvas Course options and we will re-invite you.

Complete the Co-op Orientation in Canvas prior to registering your first co-op. You only need to complete this requirement once, however you can re-visit the Canvas Co-op Orientation course shell as many times as you like.
The Co-op Orientation provides information about requirements, search strategies, resume tips, WorkNet, resources, and more.

To Complete the Co-op Orientation in Canvas

  1. Accept the email invitation, sent to your BGSU email account.
  2. Log-in to your MyBGSU account and access Canvas.
  3. Click Courses, select Co-op Orientation, Complete the modules (approximately 20 – 30 minutes)
  4. Once completed you will be authorized to apply/register for a co-op course (TECH2890, 3890 or 4890) on WorkNet.


Do you have the right internet browser?
In order for the orientation slides to operate effectively, you should have all latest browser versions installed on your computer.

Do you have Prezi™?
You will need this for the presentations.  An app for iPhone and iPad users is available in the App Store. This is a free service.

Still being blocked?
Be sure you have all pop-up blockers turned off.

Too secure?
If the presentations are not opening, it may because your security settings are set too high on your internet browser. Lower these settings and the presentations should work.

Please contact the co-op office with questions, or call 419-372-7581.

Visit the How to Find a Co-op page for basic information.  The Career Center hosts a variety of events and offers many services to help students secure co-ops, internships, and jobs. Remember, your co-op does not have to be called a co-op to count as a co-op.  As long as it meets the co-op requirements it will count.

The Co-op Registration Application must be completed prior to the onset of the co-op work experience. *Retroactive co-op credit will not be granted. Check your course schedule via MyBGSU account to be sure the co-op course (TECH 2890, 3890, or 4890) is listed on your schedule.

*If the course does not appear then you are not registered and must contact the co-op office.

Your co-op is a course. As part of your co-op course you are required to complete the required assignments by the posted deadline date. You will have access to a Canvas course shell (TECH 2890, 3890, or 4890) where you will find the Co-op Report Template.

Your co-op is graded S/U based on the material submitted at the time of grading. If the co-op requirements were not met or not completed, you will receive a failing grade of 'U'.

To pass the co-op course you must

  1. Complete and submit the co-op report to the satisfaction of your assigned university representative. This may mean making revisions and resubmitting.
  2. Submit a photo of yourself at your co-op.  
  3. Participate in the co-op site review.
  4. Work the required number of weeks and hours at your co-op.

To access your course assignments

  1. Log on to your MyBGSU account.
  2. Click on the Canvas Icon. Under "Courses", click on the co-op course which you are completing that semester (TECH 2890, TECH3890 or TECH4890).
  3. Click on Assignments.
  4. Click on CO-OP Report.
  5. Open and complete the Co-op Report Template and submit per the posted co-op report due date.
  6. Click on Upload Your Photo (Instructions).
  7. Follow the instructions to upload your photo.
  8. Your co-op report AND Photo are due by 11:59 p.m., on the deadline date listed on the Canvas Home page, of the co-op course, during the semester in which you are completing your co-op. You must complete ALL requirements to pass your co-op course. You must earn an 11/11 on your co-op report and a 1/1 on your co-op photo.
  9. It is your responsibility to check the co-op Canvas course shell and BGSU email while enrolled in the co-op course and to communicate with your assigned co-op faculty representative.
  10. No exceptions or extensions will be given for late reports.
  11. If you do not successfully complete your report, you will receive a grade of "U" (Unsatisfactory) for the course, meaning that you have failed the course and will not receive credit for your co-op.


TO WRITE YOUR REPORT, YOU MUST USE THE REPORT TEMPLATE FORMAT; HOWEVER, you can change the font, add images to the report, etc. to stylize and create a report that reflects your creativity and individuality.

Once your co-op has been approved, you will be registered for the co-op course. The co-op office and your assigned faculty representative will communicate with you via email about due dates, assigned faculty representatives, site visits, etc. Check your email daily.

Write your co-op employer a thank you following the completion of your co-op. This is a simple gesture that can leave a lasting and positive impression.