Report Completion Process & Guidelines

A Co-op report is required for each cooperative education course. The written requirements vary depending on the level of Co-op that is taken. All reports must be word processed or typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins on all four sides. Each semester, a report template is provided for you to use through your MyBGSU account. You must use this template and submit your report via your MyBGSU account using the Canvas course shell created each semester when completing your report. Each semester you will be given instructions similar to these stated below:


  1. Log on to your MyBGSU account.
  2. Click on the Canvas Icon.
  3. Under "Courses", click on the co-op course which you are completing that semester (TECH 2890, TECH3890 or TECH4890).
  4. Click on Assignments.
  5. Click on CO-OP Report. Open and complete the Co-op Report Template.
  6. Click on Upload Your Photo (Instructions). Follow the instructions to upload your photo.
  7. Your co-op report AND Photo are due by 11:59 p.m., on the deadline date listed on the Canvas Home page, of the co-op course, during the semester in which you are completing your co-op.
  8. No exceptions or extensions will be given for late reports. If you do not successfully complete your report, you will receive a grade of "U" (Unsatisfactory) for the course, meaning that you have failed the course and will not receive credit for your co-op.

TO WRITE YOUR REPORT, YOU MUST USE THE REPORT TEMPLATE FORMAT; HOWEVER, you can change the font, add images to the report, etc. to stylize and create a report that reflects your creativity and individuality.