How to Register Your Co-op

Summer 2018 Co-op Registration Application Deadline:
May 11, 2018

To register for your CO-OP course (TECH 2890, 3890 or 4890) complete the following steps:

  1. Log-in to your WorkNet Page.
  2. Click the Register your internship/COOP experience here located in the right-hand column.
  3. Under Type, select TECH COOP (College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering Students Only)
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your application as instructed and submit.

Your CO-OP approval process is as follows:

  1. Submit the Application as instructed above.
  2. The Co-op Office reviews your application and will contact you if there are any questions.
  3. Your application is then sent to the chair of your program for final approval. The chair of your program is reviewing the information on your co-op registration application for:
        a. Is your proposed co-op site related to your major?
        b. Are you working one full semester, 40 hours a week?
            (or 20 hours/week for 2 consecutive semesters, if applying for the part-time format)
        c. Are you being supervised at your proposed co-op site?
        d. Are you working at a professional location? (not your dorm room or residence)
  4. Once approved by the chair of your program, your application is sent back to the Co-op office and the Co-op office will register you for your co-op course.

    *International students should also consult with the
    International Programs and Partnerships Office for more information regarding the appropriate work authorization requirements.*