Co-op Orientation

Students should complete the Co-op Orientation in Canvas during their first semester as a CTAAE Major.  Co-op Orientation must be completed prior to registering your first co-op course.

You only need to complete this requirement once, however you can re-visit the Canvas Co-op Orientation course shell as many times as you like.

The Co-op Orientation provides information about requirements, search strategies, resume tips, WorkNet, resources, and more.

To Complete the Orientation:
    1. Accept the email invitation, sent to your BGSU email account.
    2. Log-in to your MyBGSU account and access Canvas.
    3. Click Courses, select Co-op Orientation
    4. Complete the modules (approximately 20 – 30 minutes)

*Once completed you will be authorized to apply/register for a co-op course (TECH2890, 3890 or 4890) on WorkNet.

Do you have the right internet browser? 
In order for the orientation slides to operate effectively, you should have all latest browser versions installed on your computer.

Still being blocked?
Be sure you have all pop-up blockers turned off.

Too secure?
If the presentations are not opening, it may because your security settings are set too high on your internet browser. Lower these settings and the presentations should work.

Contact IT for problems with Canvas.