Get Involved

How Can You Get Involved?

Many volunteers are needed to make the Falcon BEST Robotics Competition a success. From judges and referees to greeters and scorekeepers, volunteers will play an important role in ensuring the event runs smoothly. Volunteers also benefit from the enthusiasm and excitement of the teams who are participating in the event.

Interested in learning more about each of the volunteer & judges roles for the BEST competition. Please see below. 

Marketing Judge Overview 

The purpose of the Marketing Presentation is for students to learn how to address the needs of a

potential client, share product and brand information and navigate the business environment.

• The Team’s Role: To create a company that designs and manufactures robots (the product).

• The Judge’s Role: To serve as the client who is looking to purchase a robot(s) to solve a problem(s).

• The Problem: Refer to Game Specific Rules and research real-world relevance in the manufacturing sector.

The context for the presentation is as follows:

Your team is a business pitching your latest invention/product to a group of decision makers at BEST Inc. headquarters in response to a Request For Proposal (RFP).

Your goal is to inform, persuade, and build trust between your company and your potential client. Your company’s brand promise will establish a shared understanding of the client’s problem and how your product delivers the solution.

The only details about the engineering team and the manufacturing process that need to be included are those that highlight the unique characteristics or how the characteristics differentiate your product from a competitor.

Storytelling should be an important tool to add personality to your brand and create a stronger connection with your client. BEST Inc. is very involved in community outreach. Share how your team, as a potential vendor embraces the same social responsibility.

To close the meeting, formalize an action statement for the client.

Virtual Judge Overview 

Volunteers who sign up for being a virtual judge will have the responsibility of judging 4 events (Video, Website, T-Shirt & Notebook). These events will all be provided as online links through the scoring management software. Volunteers will receive 4 hours of volunteer credit with the possibility of up to 8 hours with evidence based documentation that scoring the items took longer than 4 hrs.  

Please review the purpose and genera componets for each section below. More detailed information will be sent out to you on November 1st. 

Website Challenge

The purpose of the challenge is for students to demonstrate their website design knowledge and capabilities by creating a website from scratch

  • The team will be scored on the overall design of the website, not necessarily the content or message. The content and message obviously may influence some of the subjective criteria, but they are not the main focus of the challenge.
  • Websites will be judged on the schedule established by the hub/championship.

Video Challenge 

The purpose of the challenge is for students to demonstrate their video design knowledge and capabilities by creating and editing a custom video.

The video shall be the sole work of students. All video footage must be filmed by the students. Footage that does not appear to be the work of the students will not be considered as part of the video submission, and points will be lost on the scoresheet specifications criteria.

The video topic/content must address one of the following:

  • BEST Robotics Promotional
  • Example: #Thanks2BESTRobotics campaign
  • Example: testimonials
  • Training
    • Example: Safety training
    • Example: Technical training
    • Example: How-to training
  • Documentary
  • The video shall be no more than 3 minutes in length.

T-Shirt Challenge 

Engineering Notebook 

ALL participating teams are required to submit an Engineering Notebook at both the local competition and the regional championship following the requirements stated within the game rules.

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