On-Campus Resources

Pregnant or Parenting Student at BGSU?

Being pregnant or a parent while going to school can be a challenging experience.  Finding balance between family commitments, writing papers, classes and your own wellness can be a difficult process.  

Below are some of the on-campus resources available at and around BGSU.  

Maternal Eating and Infant Feeding Study Information

Are you at least 18 years old, able to read English, and in your 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy?

If so, you are eligible to participate in a Maternal Eating and Infant Feeding Study through BGSU.

Academic Programs and Services

Jerome Library

  • Articles and databases
  • Tutorials and tools
  • Books and more

(419)  372-6943

Curriculum Resource Center - Jerome Library, 2nd Floor

• Children’s books and magazines
• LGBTQ+ children’s books

(419)  372-2956

Learning Commons  Jerome Library, 1st Floor

• Writing center
• Subject specific tutoring
• Study skills
• Special workshops

(419)  372-2823

Email: tlc@bgsu.edu

University Resources

Student Legal Services - 401 South Hall

• Name change
• Consultation for child support
• Housing law
• Free consultation
• Special workshops

(419)  372-2951
Email: sls@bgnet.bgsu.edu

Diversity Resources

Accessibility Services - 38 College Park Office

• Possible academic accommodations to qualified students
• Resources available to students with disabilities

(419)  372-8495

LGBT Resource Center – 318B Math-Science Bldg

• BGSU’S Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender  Resource Center

(419)  372-9140

Multicultural Affairs – 318B Math-Science Bldg

• For academic, personal, social and cultural support

(419)  372-2642

Nontraditional and Military Student Services - 16 College Park Bldg

• Source of assistance as you plan and complete your program
• Familiar with issues facing adult learners, veterans and other nontraditional students

(419)  372-8136

The Women's Center - 107 Hanna Hall
•Provides resources, support and advocacy for women on and off campus
•Provides proactive and responsive programming to issues affecting women on campus
•Coordinates and facilitates access to resources relevant to women’s issues
•Advocates for the removal of barriers that inhibit the full participation of women in the University community

(419)  372-7227

Email: womencenter@bgsu.edu

Lactation Rooms 

•Secluded and private locations to express milk

Jonah's Room - 105A Hanna Hall
The Mother's Room - 410 Education Building
309 University Hall

Money Management 

Financial Aid - 231 Admin Bldg

• If eligible, aid available for instructional and general fees, nonresident fees (if applicable), room, meals, books, transportation and personal expenses
• Searchable scholarship guide
• Nontraditional student scholarships link

(419)  372-2651

Career Center Bowen-Thompson Student Union, Suite 225

• Assistance in finding a job that suits your schedule and interests
• Help with exploring different career paths
• Assistance in landing that job after you graduate
• If a College of Technology student, please call 419-372-7581

(419)  372-2865

Wellness and Mental Health Services 

Counseling Center - 104 College Park

• Free counseling services
• Resources for counseling of your dependents
• Stress clinic workshops that assist with freeing your mind, relaxing your body, nurturing yourself and conquering procrastination
• Online counseling services

(419)  372-2081

Student Insurance Program - 116 Health Center Bldg

• Information and requirements
• Cost of plan information
• Coverage for dependents is available

(419)  372-7495

Student Recreation Center - 1411 Ridge Rd

• Comprehensive recreational facilities
• Community, youth and family-based programs and activities

(419)  372-2711

(419)  372-7482

Wellness Connection

• Lifestyle enhancement, information and referral center

(419)  372-WELL (9355)