Plan Info/Cost

United Healthcare Student Resources

The 2020-2021 student health insurance plan rates are listed below:

Dates of Coverage

August 15, 2020 through

August 14, 2021

August 15, 2020 through

December 31, 2020

January 1, 2021 through

August 14, 2021

Student Only International Plan*          $2,294.   
          $873.          $1,421.

Family coverage rates are available by contacting our office.   

The cost per dependent is the same cost as the student rate. If there are 3 or more children the rate will be the same as spouse plus two children.

Dependents can enroll and will pay the insurance premium by visiting Please note: The student must already be enrolled in the student health insurance plan for their dependent to be eligible.

Please email or call 419-372-7495 if you would like more information regarding dependent coverage.