Waiver Requirements

Health Insurance Waivers will need to be submitted once each academic year. 

The online waiver and enrollment process for Spring 2018 is no longer available through student's MyBGSU account.

The deadline to submit a Spring health insurance waiver was January 1, 2018  

BGSU's Health Insurance Waiver Requirements include Affordable Care Act Compliance.  If students have health insurance that is through a U.S. based employer, or is a State funded health care plan, their policy should be meeting Affordable Care Act guidelines and will also meet BGSU's minimum requirements.

Below is a summary of BGSU's waiver requirements:

  • Individual deductible of U.S. $1,500 or less. *Waivers will be accepted if the deductible is higher than $1,500 and the policy is a Group Plan, An Employee Plan, A Health Savings Account (HSA), or Health Revenue Account (HRA).  If  deductible is higher than $1,500 and is not a group plan, an employee plan, HSA or HRA please contact the Student Insurance Office for assistance.
  • Provides unlimited annual benefits per accident or illness
  • Does not exclude pre-existing conditions
  • Covers preventive screenings and vaccines
  • Covers inpatient and outpatient medical care in Northwest Ohio
  • Coverage is currently active and the student agrees to maintain health coverage throughout the entire academic year.