Eligibility Requirements

The Student Health Insurance Open Enrollment opportunity for fall 2020 semester will begin in June 5, 2020

If student experiences an involuntary loss of health coverage, they are eligible to enroll into the BGSU Student Health Plan at a pro-rated amount. The premium price will be pro-rated from the date coverage is lost.  All applications for this type of enrollment must be submitted within 30 days of loss of coverage. The pro-rated premium amount will be paid directly to United Healthcare Student Resources.  Credit card and check payments are accepted.  

  • Domestic Students taking 5, 6 or 7 credit hours on main campus are eligible to enroll into the Student Health Plan, but will need to contact the Student Insurance Office and complete the appropriate enrollment confirmation form.
  • In certain situations, Graduate Students taking less than 5 credit hours may be eligible to be enrolled into the Student Health Plan. Please contact our office for specific requirements.
  • Correspondence, Online and Distance Learning classes do not meet eligibility criteria.  
  • Eligible students who are enrolled into the Student Health Plan may also insure their Dependents.  Eligible Dependents are the student's legal spouse or domestic partner and dependent children until the age of 26. 
  • Eligible Dependents will enroll into and pay for the health plan directly through 
    United Healthcare Student Resources by going to the United Healthcare Student Resources website.
  • Contact the Student Insurance Office for details about dependent enrollment.
  • Domestic students enrolled in 8 or more credit hours on main campus will be automatically enrolled into the Student Health Plan, after the posted deadline, unless a valid waiver has been submitted.