Dental & Eye Care Discount Program

Aetna Student Health offers dental and eye care discount program, with participating providers, to students and their families, called Vital Savings by Aetna. This is a discount plan and not health insurance coverage.

Below is a list of Bowling Green Dental Offices and Eye Care Facilities that participate in Vital Savings:

Premier Vision                                                            Aspen Dental
1222 Ridgewood Drive                                               1121 South Main Street, Suite 330
Bowling Green, OH  43402                                        Bowling Green, OH  43402
419-352-2502                                                            419-419-0779

Associated Eye Care                                                    Corner Dental
960 West Wooster Suite 216                                       990 West Poe Road                                            
Bowling Green, OH  43402                                          Bowling Green, OH  43402
419-352-5500                                                              419-724-2752

Drs. Schilling and Pfeiffer
111 Clough Street
Bowling Green, Oh  43402

To enroll in the discount program visit: choose “Bowling Green State University” from the list of schools and “view your school”.  You will notice an “ENROLL” link which allows you to join and pay for the program directly on Aetna’s website.

The annual cost is $32.40 for student only and $52.20 for families.  Vital Savings current plan is effective through August 31, 2019.

Aetna’s contact information for Vital Savings questions:

Vital Savings dental questions:  888-238-4825

Vital Savings eye care questions:  800-793-8616

Please note: Aetna Student Health insurance plan covers one annual eye exam per policy year at no cost to the member at one of the Eye Care Centers listed above. 

View how the discount program works and how to locate participating dentists and eye care centers near you