Election 2018


Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - USG President/Vice-President Debate located in the Union Theater at 7:00pm.  

March 19-22, 2018 - Election week (Begins at 8am on March 19th and ends at 12pm on March 22nd)

Friday, March 23, 2018 - Results will be announced at 12:00pm in the Falcon’s Nest (Any technological difficulties will result in the results being announced on March 26, 2018.)

All undergraduate students will receive an email message on the morning of Monday, April 3rd  with a customized link that will allow you to vote in this election.


Hannah Cubberley (President) and Marcus Goolsby (Vice-President)

As President and Vice-President, we will uphold the core values of the university, namely inclusion and collaboration amongst students, staff, and administration. We aim to empower students and USG Senators to promote positive change on campus and in the community. Throughout our campaign, as well as throughout next year, we hope to build our platform around the needs of students. Through different outreach initiatives, we hope to gather feedback regarding all areas of campus and student life, as well as keep the student body informed of current issues.


Eugene Gorman III (President)

I am focused on improving communications to ensure that Undergraduate Student Government services the needs of all undergraduates on the BGSU campus. My vision is to ensure that BGSU is a welcoming, inclusive environment that provides for student's academic and personal achievement. I am committed to ensuring a greener, healthier campus as evidenced by my involvement in the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability and my work to provide resources for those who use tobacco products.


Rachel Renou (President) and Nijah Slaughter (Vice-President)

Renou/Slaughter aim to help serve the undergraduate student body in the following areas; the strategic picking on the next university president to align with the mission and values of BGSU, provide internal organization within the undergraduate student government, increase school spirit, focus on off-campus needs such as housing and parking, increase efficient collaboration across organizations and departments, and lastly, dive deeper into the diversity and inclusion action steps BGSU takes.


Alex Vail (President) and Drew Dutson (Vice-President)

The goal of the Vail-Dutson campaign is to enact practical changes to better our campus. We look forward to utilizing the input of both students and staff to provide a more enjoyable, healthy, and productive Bowling Green experience for all. It is our desired outcome to encourage undergraduates to find their place as a true piece of the Falcon community.


Hannah Wirth (President) and Kinsey Zdunczyk (Vice-President)

Through my time here at Bowling Green State University, I have had so many great experiences and opportunities. This coming fall, I will be starting my third year and am actively involved on campus and in several organizations. My goal is to make sure that all students can have equal opportunities to succeed. Addressing the needs of this student body and improving campus to be more diverse and inclusive, is what I strive for. It would be such an honor to represent our student body and give back to this university and my fellow falcons.

College of Arts and Sciences

Victoria A. Francetic

I believe that to ensure a peaceful and happy campus, communication between the student body and the university staff is crucial. Being a student requires an abundant amount of time and attention, often leaving students with no energy left to discuss issues on campus. My goal is to be a resource for students to express their concerns, so I can furthermore communicate and attempt to resolve those issues with the university. It is important that the university hears the students concerns in order to foster the ideal environment for students to enrich their education.

College of Business

Allison Sigler

Dear Fellow Falcons, 

My name is Allison Sigler, I am a second year Business Management major, and I would love the opportunity to be able to represent you as your USG College of Business Senator. I full heartedly believe in everybody having a voice, and I believe that I have the attributes to help you have a voice. I am confident in myself, passionate about everything I put my mind to, and outspoken about what I believe in. I think these qualities make me equipped to represent you and to be your best choice for the College of Business Senator.

College of Education and Human Development

(No Candidates/Write in Only)

College of Health and Human Services

(No Candidates/Write in Only)

College of Musical Arts

(No Candidates/Write in Only)

College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering

(No Candidates/Write in Only)

Honors College

(No Candidates/Write in Only)

Ceylon Allmond

(No Candidate Platform Submitted)

Janelle Bollheimer

Through communicating with fellow off campus students via social media and one on one interaction, I hope to advocate the desires of off campus students in order to improve the culture of inclusion on campus and in Bowling Green. I plan to do this by focusing on retention and engagement. By working with Off Campus Student Services, I hope to inform off campus students about the resources Off Campus Student Services and other offices offer to students.

Myles Johnson

I, Myles Johnson will represent the off campus student body to the best of my ability and make sure we get proper representation. As students we sometimes get over looked, not anymore with me in office.

Summer McVicker

(No Candidate Platform Submitted)

Ryan Parker

My objective is to better serve the students of Bowling Green State University that live off campus or commute. It is my job as an Off-Campus Senator to ensure students feel engaged and welcome to various campus activities and social events. All students that attend this university should feel at home and compelled to participate in any organization or activity that BGSU has to offer.

Frankie Pinckard

I am a rising senior here at Bowling Green and have been in Undergraduate Student Government (USG) since my first month here as a first-year student almost three years ago. As a Residence-Hall, At-Large, and now Off-Campus Senator, I have supported, worked on, and sponsored initiatives and resolutions focusing on student safety, inclusivity and diversity, and sustainability. I hope to continue this work into my fourth and final year in USG by pushing work on off-campus student pedestrian safety, recycling, and shuttle services.


Bria Burse

As a current At-Large Senator for the Undergraduate Student Government, my goal has been to serve the student body to help and encourage students to reach their full potential on campus. I have been dedicated to serving on the board and sharing some of the concerns that I have heard from my own constiuents from living on campus. Because of my current position as an at-large senator, I believe this upcoming year I will be able to utilize my past experience to engage in more initiatives for next year that I plan to place into action.

R. Harrison Carter

I am the current Offenhauer Senator and cannot wait to represent the undergraduate students in the near future. Why vote for me? This year, I helped write legislation for the newly passed Medical Amnesty policy that protects us students in any medical related case on campus. I serve on the Academic Affairs Committee that is determined to represent the undergraduate voice and make sure the administration knows we dissent the newly proposed grading policy. If you vote for me, I will be sure to serve you in the highest capacity possible.

Maison DeWalt

I seek to further the mission of the Undergraduate Student Government of Bowling Green State University. I am dedicated to the further advancement of a culture of inclusion on campus and seek to make positive contributions that will positively impact the student experience. I recognize the severity in responsibility and privilege entailed with serving a constituency. I am determined to continue to form relationships with fellow students, so that I may effectively convey their concerns and opinions in the Undergraduate Student Government, while also forming lasting friendships.

Michael Notaroberta

(No Candidate Platform Submitted)

Isabel Remer

(No Candidate Platform Submitted)

Casen Short

(No Candidate Platform Submitted)

Reagan Shull

As an At-Large Senator hoping for re-election, I would like my focus to remain on Academic Affairs and representing the student body of BGSU in the 2018-2019 year. This year I have represented my fellow students in speaking out and voting against the proposed grading scale change, and I have also worked to find an alternative to the double minor requirement for those seeking to double major in two degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Currently, I am working on an initiative that will add another senator to USG that will represent our International students, and I hope to continue that next year. I would also like to focus on other concerns regarding academics along with my continued work on previous and upcoming affairs, and I am excited at the prospect of continuing to make a change for the better on campus. I hope that you will choose me to continue representing the concerns and wishes of all BGSU students next year, and I look forward to all the great change to come. Roll along!