2018-2019 Senators

American Culture Studies: Doctoral

Robin Hershkowitz

American Culture Studies: Masters

Cheyanne Jeffries


Harshitha Pochiraju

Biological Sciences: Doctoral

Christopher Kemp

Biological Sciences: Masters

Josephine Lindsey-Robbins


Sepideh Farshbaf

College of Business Administration: Applied Statistics and Operations Research: Masters

Yaofeng Chen

College of Business Administration: MBA/Economics

Henrietta Appiah

College of Musical Arts

Sean Spacher

College of Technology: Doctoral

Mohammed Moawiah Yousef Alghzawi

College of Technology: Masters

Gaurav Kadel

Computer Science

Avisha Lad

Criminal Justice

Jacob Simon

Communication Sciences and Disorders: Doctoral

Zoe Kriegel

Communication Sciences and Disorders: Masters

TJ Neuhaus

Education, Leadership, and Policy: Doctoral

Oluwatobi Ishola

Education, Leadership, and Policy: MACIE

Ethan Jackson

English: Doctoral

Brandie Bohney

English: Masters of Arts (MA)

Jessica Puder

English: Masters of Fine Arts (MFA)

Sherrel McLafferty


Zach Dobey


Zachary Miller

Higher Education: Doctoral

Mark Heider

Higher Education: College Student Personnel

Sam Ferrigno


Laura Figurski

Human Movement, Sports, and Leisure Studies

Adrienne Ansel

Mathematics: Doctoral

Sima Sharghi

Mathematics: Masters

Alyssa Collert

Media and Communication: Doctoral

Graeme Wilson

Media and Communication: Masters

Brendan Murphy


Helen McPherson

Physics and Astronomy

Nicholas Arn

Political Science

Zack Marozsan

Popular Culture

Alexis Isaac


Jennifer Crawford

Public and Allied Health

Chelsea Raker

School of Art

Ben Rosales

School of Counseling and Special Education

Paige Rader

School of Teaching and Learning

Connie Kern

Social Work

Muchala Sundano

Sociology: Doctoral

Eric Sevareid

Theatre and Film: Doctoral

Dennis Sloan

Theatre and Film: Masters

Phoenix Jacob

World Languages and Cultures 

Julian Gillilan