Working at BGSU

Bowling Green State University offers a variety of employment options.  More than 3,500 students work on-campus, while others work in the local communities or return to a job at home during break periods.

The Student Employment staff can assist you in:

  • Finding a job that fits your schedule and interests.
  • Exploring possible career paths.
  • Landing a job after you graduate.

BGSU Employment

Students choose campus employment because of its convenience and the opportunity to work closely with faculty, staff, and other students. BGSU student employees develop work skills and employment experience, as well as earn money to pay their educational expenses. Research shows that working on campus can lead to improved academic performance. Students learn to manage their time better, gain an "insider's view" of the University, and make a real connection with other BGSU employees. Campus employment will expose you to a professional and supportive academic work environment. You'll learn and develop valuable work habits, skills, and leadership qualities that will benefit you in your career path.

BGSU Partners (Third-Party Employers)

There are additional employment options conveniently located on the BGSU campus. These employer partners hire BGSU students in positions that support University programs and operations. Students who work for these organizations are employed and paid directly by the company, not BGSU.

Job postings for BGSU partners are listed at their websites and on Handshake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students work in nearly every academic department, administrative office and auxiliary area on campus. Jobs are also available in areas that support the daily operation of the University, such as Dining Services, Facilities Services, and in residence halls.

Job vacancies are posted in Handshake, which can be accessed through your MyBGSU portal. Students can run searches for job vacancies. Job vacancies list a description of the job, the department, the skills required, the work schedule, the rate of pay, and a contact person. Based on your interest, qualifications, and schedule, you can apply for the desired position(s). You may interview with more than one employer before accepting a job offer. Once hired, you and your employer will complete a hire form. You then take your hire form to Student Employment (along with the documents described below) and complete the rest of the hiring process. Student Employment will notify your employer when you are "cleared to work." You then can begin working, according to the schedule arranged with your new supervisor.

In order to work on campus, you will need to provide proof that you are eligible to work in the U.S., complete tax forms, and decide whether or not you wish to participate in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement (pension) System. In order to comply with Immigration and Naturalization Service requirements, most students provide a passport, OR an original birth certificate or social security card AND photo identification such as a driver's license or student identification card. Photocopies or pictures are not acceptable.

You will also be asked enroll in direct deposit so that your paychecks will be electronically transferred to your bank account. Direct Deposit forms are completed at the time students complete their other payroll documents (and prior to beginning work). To complete the form (available when you complete the hiring process), you must indicate the financial institution and the account to which you would like your check deposited:

Checking Account
To have your paycheck deposited into a checking account, write VOID across a blank check from your checkbook and submit it with the direct deposit form.

Savings Account
To have your paycheck deposited into a savings account, provide your bank’s/credit union’s nine-digit routing number on the direct deposit form. Contact your financial institution for your nine-digit routing number.

Paycheck details are available in MyBGSU under Employee Self Service.+

Additional Information can be found under New Hire Paperwork.

Job vacancies are noted as either Federal Work Study (FWS), Regular Employment, or either. Regular jobs are open to any eligible BGSU student. If you have FWS eligibility, you can work at a FWS or a Regular job. Jobs posted as "FWS-ONLY" require that you must have FWS eligibility to accept a position in that department. Some departments hire only students with Federal Work Study eligibility.

Most students work 12-15 hours per week, but it depends on the job and  your class schedule. Job postings list the exact or total weekly hours required for the job. Some jobs are flexible, others require that you work specific hours or shifts. Jobs are available to fit nearly every student class schedule. Most administrative offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Libraries, computer labs, residence halls, and the recreation center have extended hours, so there are opportunities for evening and weekend employment. During your interview, be sure to discuss the work hours. Once hired, you will arrange your work schedule with your supervisor.

Beginning hourly wages usually start at the state minimum wage and go higher, depending on the job and the duties required. Some positions are paid on a contractual basis. Students typically earn raises for good performance. Students are paid every other Friday (with exceptions for certain holidays) and paychecks are deposited electronically into students’ savings or checking accounts. Students’ paycheck details are available in MyBGSU under Employee Self Service.

Updated: 05/11/2022 04:41PM