Resumés and Cover Letters

Polish Your Resume:

It is not uncommon for an organization to receive hundreds of resumes for one position. How can your resume stand out from the rest? It should clearly demonstrate that you meet and exceed the qualifications for the position. Customize your resume for a specific position by updating it with the most relevant experiences and skills. You can use the job description to help guide your writing by making sure to indicate that you have all the required and preferred qualifications.

Write Targeted Cover Letters:

An employer can detect a generic cover letter a mile away. So, why do people send the same cover letter to every organization to which they apply? A well-crafted, targeted cover letter is designed to illustrate your knowledge of the organization, the efforts to which you will go to understand the organization and how your strengths align with the organization’s structure and needs. After researching an organization, use the information to write a targeted cover letter that will clearly demonstrate how you meet the qualifications for the position. This will entice the employer to review your resume and invite you to interview for the position.

For More Information About Resumes and Cover Letters:

  • Click here for a sample of a First Year Resume.
  • Schedule a resume appointment by calling Student Employment Services at 419-372-2865, Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.