One-Minute Commercial

Be Prepared to Introduce Yourself to Employers

Your success as a job seeker will rely heavily on the initial impression you give employers. To improve your chances of making a favorable impression, practice delivering a one-minute commercial about yourself and the contributions you could make to an organization. When meeting a candidate, employers want to know the candidate’s major, GPA, year in school, career interests and goals, unique qualifications and relevant experiences (e.g., prior work experience, internships, leadership and co-curricular activities).

The following format will help you develop a one-minute commercial suitable for use at the Summer Job Fair and other career fairs:

  • Introduce yourself by first and last names, major and class standing.
  • Briefly share your knowledge about the organization, field or industry.
  • Explain what you can offer by highlighting your relevant skills and strengths.
  • Express your interest in learning more about the organization by asking a direct question or by requesting an interview.

Example of a One-Minute Commercial:

Hello, my name is Jackie Daniels, and I am a sophomore Business Administration major. I have been looking forward to speaking with you today. I noticed your summer job posting on BGSU’s WorkNet. I’m familiar with the excellent work you do at United Way, and I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to your outstanding organization.

I’ve done volunteer work during my entire college and high school career. I’ve been a Big Sister with the organization Big Brothers/Big Sisters for the past three years. I also had the opportunity to gain project management skills through coordinating a food drive for my sorority in which we collected 300 pounds of food to give to a local food pantry. I achieved this by creating a marketing plan to get the word out and I collaborated with other organizations on campus. Overall, the food drive was a success, and I am looking forward to my next service project.

After reviewing your website, I noticed that you are actively involved adult literacy. I was excited to read about your three-year Community Impact Plan. The document addresses the need to investigate the serious problems that devastate people’s lives and threaten the welfare of the local community. How will your new hires be involved with the plan?