Don't Forget to Say "Thank You"

You did it! You attended the job fair, made many excellent connections, participated in interviews, and now feel confident your job search is off and running. What is the next step? Follow up by sending a thank you letter or email to all the employers you met at the Summer Job Fair to reaffirm your interest and remind them of your qualifications. Sending a thank you letter or email is not only proper etiquette, it also reinforces your ability to follow through.

Please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Send letters or emails out in a timely manner, the next day if possible. If your communication arrives within a day or two after your meeting with the recruiter, you have a better chance of being remembered.
  • When deciding to send a letter or an email, consider that many recruiters are travelling for extended periods and keep in touch by email. A hand written note may be more formal, but may not be seen until long after the job fair.
  • Address your letter or email to an individual, instead of using the name of an office or department.
  • Remember to keep your letter or email concise; two to three paragraphs can be powerful and more likely to be read. As you highlight your abilities in the letter, focus on the company’s needs rather than your own. Your letter is an opportunity to tell the recruiter what you can offer his or her organization.