FALL 2019


dawn chongGreetings BGSU Student Employee Supervisors and Welcome to SES' Quarterly Newsletter!

I hope you had a great summer and your fall semester is going swimmingly. We have been very busy in Student Employment Services hiring and onboarding new student employees and graduate assistants. We are looking forward to working with all of you this year.
Are you  a new or transitioning staff person who is responsible for hiring student employees? Interested in personalized one-on-one assistance with navigating the hiring process? Would like a personalized workshop for your student employees or student supervisors?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, schedule time to meet with our coordinator, Matt Ausderan. Matt can walk you through the process of “hiring students the right way” and work with you to assess your needs.

Again, the staff in Student Employment Services is here to help you. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.
Warm Regards,
Dawn Chong
Director, Student Employment Services


  • Employers have 30 days from the day a job vacancy is deactivated to hire a student or the position must be reposted.

  • In the first two months of the 2019-20 academic year, 77 departments across BGSU posted 176 jobs and hired 794 BGSU students (not including Graduate Assistants or Dining Services).

  • Student employment positions are ONLY available to students who meet minimum enrollment requirements. Minimum enrollment is six credit hours for undergraduate students and four credit hours for graduate students*. If you have questions regarding students who with withdraw during the semester or drop below the minimum enrollment requirements, call our office.

    *For exceptions, see the Student Employment Handbook at

  • You don’t have to wait for Salary and Wage Reports, the following public queries are available for employers via HCM:
    BG_TL_STUDENT_HRS_BY_EMP - shows detail of all hours worked by a student between the begin and end dates. Results all jobs if the student has worked multiple jobs within the begin and end dates.

    BG_TL_STUDENT_HRS_BY_DEPT_EMP – shows detail of all hours worked by a student within a specific department between the begin and end dates.


Terminating a Student’s Employment
A student's employment typically ends one of four ways:

  • resignation with notice
  • resignation without notice
  • involuntary termination with notice
  • involuntary termination without notice

Whatever the circumstance, it is important to terminate student employees as soon as employment ends. Receiving late terminations can require extra work as PeopleSoft assumes the student is still working and may periodically add information to their record. Terminating student employees late can often require assistance from OHR.

When submitting terminations, please use one of the following action/reason codes. We understand that not every code may fit your situation, but we ask that you use one of  the following codes created for student employment.

Termination Disciplinary Removal Student terminated due to disciplinary action. Must include comments.
Termination Student Graduated Student has graduated from BGSU and no longer eligible for employment through SES.
Termination Student Left BGSU Student left BGSU; rather than graduated BGSU.
Termination Never Worked Paperwork was completed but the student did not show up to work on first day.
Termination Resignation Student gave official notice; student was a no-show.


Students should NOT be in the workplace training, shadowing, or working prior to being authorized to work. If students are injured at the job prior to the time they are authorized to begin working, they are not covered by Workers’ Compensation, and the injured person or their estate would be entitled to bring suit for all injuries and damages against the University and their supervisors who allowed them to commence work prior to being properly authorized to begin working.

The supervisors who allowed such work to begin would be considered to have acted outside the course and scope of their employment, not entitled to state employee immunity, and individually liable to suit by the injured person. Such supervisors would have to engage counsel at their own expense and be personally liable for any damages arising from any injuries. Such supervisors would also be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, discharge for having violated University policies and State law regarding workers’ compensation.


Federal Work Study is a federally funded, need-based student aid program. BGSU employers pay 40% of a qualified student’s wages, and FWS pays the remaining 60%. To find out if a student is eligible, ask them. Student Financial Aid (SFA) sends each student applicant an award notification (letter or via MyBGSU). SFA and Student Employment Services can also verify a student's FWS award limit.


Brittany Scott Admissions Full HeadshotBrittany Scott works in the Office of Admissions as the coordinator of campus visits. She organizes, coordinates and plans all campus visits to the University while supervising over 100 tour guides and scholar recruitment student coordinators!

Here is what Brittany's students have to say about her.

  • She is the reason why admissions and the campus tours are so amazing today.
  • It’s so fun working for her, it doesn’t even feel like a job.
  • She works tirelessly to make all employees feel heard, respected and valued in their positions, and she is never too busy to chat about work questions or just life questions as we navigate our college life, work through personal issues and start the job search.
  • She goes above and beyond the call of duty to supervise and manage with her genuine passion for mentoring and leading as well as her BGSU spirit. It is a joy to work for Brittany!
  • She is always looking for ways to improve our jobs by providing us with suggestion boxes and plenty of time and space to share our opinions. She is motivated by her love for BGSU and her job!

"There are so many things I find enjoyable and rewarding about being a student employee supervisor. Watching the students I supervise grow both personally and professionally is one of my favorite aspects. It is exciting for me to watch tour guides light up when they give prospective students and their families tours of campus and realize they are making a big impact and changing  the lives of others."

Thank you again for selecting me to be in the student employee supervisor spotlight! I love the work I do with the students I supervise!  They energize me and help me to continue to be passionate about my work.


"Isaiah is more than a student employee.  His skills and quality photography benefit the entire University. We can send Isaiah to any event and know he will capture incredible images in a professional manner. He is reliable, forward-thinking and extremely talented. I value Isaiah and his contributions to BGSU so much."

Craig Bell, Photography Director

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