dawn chongGreetings BGSU Student Employee Supervisors and Welcome to SES' Quarterly Newsletter!

I hope you had a great holiday season and are having a great spring semester. It hope that these first few weeks of the semester have gone smoothly. As always, we are here to answer any questions regarding the hiring and onboarding of BGSU's awesome student Employees!

Speaking of awesome, the week of April 12th is National Student Employment Week (NSEW). We, along with may other offices on campus and off campus will be celebrating student employees that entire week (though you don't have to wait until then, celebrate them anytime!). Need ideas, no worries, we have them right here! No matter the size of your celebration, please share your ideas and pictures to your social media accounts with the hashtags #bgsuworks #celebrateyourstudents. Just like you, our students love to be recognized for the great work they do in the BG community. During NSEW, we will hold our 18th Student Employee and Supervisor of the Year event, honoring outstanding student employees and supervisors. As a matter of fact, nominations went our recently. Don't miss this important opportunity.
If you are a new or transitioning staff person who is responsible for hiring student employees and interested in personalized one-on-one assistance with navigating the hiring process - we have the solution for you! Click here to provide us with information regarding your personalized assistance, we'd be happy to help you with "hiring the students the right way."

Again, thank you for all you do to make BGSU a great place for students to work.
Warm Regards,
Dawn Chong
Director, Student Employment Services


  • Employers must post jobs for a minimum of 2 days up to a maximum of a one year?

  • Student Employment Services recommends that you allow a 15 minute paid work break for every four hours of continuous work. Meal breaks are not required; however, departments may offer them as long as they are applied consistently to all student employees.

  • Merit increases and promotions are not made retroactively. We encourage employers to submit requests for pay increases at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the pay period for which they are requested.

  • Employers of students who are active on the BGSU Payroll but have not received a paycheck within the last 90 days will receive a notification by SES to either terminate the student or let the office know of their pending return to work.

    NOTE: Every year at the end of June, ANY student on this list will be automatically terminated.  


The National Student Employment Association has declared that the second full week in April every year be set aside to recognize the value of student employees and student employment professionals.

Student Employment Services began celebrating National Student Employment Week (NSEW) three years ago. During the week every day has a theme that is the topic of celebration for BGSU's outstanding student employees. For info on low cost ways to celebrate your student employees, visit our page for details. Please share your celebrations on your social media accounts with the hashtags #bgsuworks #celebrateyourstudents

Student employees are the lifeblood of Bowling Green State University. They are integral to nearly every facet of University operations throughout a student’s career at BGSU, from a student’s first recruiting interaction, through graduation and successful advancement into the workforce as a BGSU alum. Their hard work is seen everywhere across campus, from the maintenance and cleanliness of the grounds and buildings, to all functions of the Student Recreation Center and the Learning Commons, to every aspect of Residence Life and Dining. They outnumber faculty and permanent staff and are responsible for many of the day-to-day tasks involved in the vast majority of BGSU departments.

With this in mind, we invite you to help us celebrate the wonderful efforts and accomplishments of our student employees during this year’s National Student Employment Week, held April 12-18, 2020.



Students should NOT be in the workplace training, shadowing, or working prior to being authorized to work. If students are injured at the job prior to the time they are authorized to begin working, they are not covered by Workers’ Compensation, and the injured person or their estate would be entitled to bring suit for all injuries and damages against the University and their supervisors who allowed them to commence work prior to being properly authorized to begin working.

The supervisors who allowed such work to begin would be considered to have acted outside the course and scope of their employment, not entitled to state employee immunity, and individually liable to suit by the injured person. Such supervisors would have to engage counsel at their own expense and be personally liable for any damages arising from any injuries. Such supervisors would also be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, discharge for having violated University policies and State law regarding workers’ compensation.


Federal Work Study is a federally funded, need-based student aid program. BGSU employers pay 40% of a qualified student’s wages, and FWS pays the remaining 60%. To find out if a student is eligible, ask them. Student Financial Aid (SFA) sends each student applicant an award notification (letter or via MyBGSU). SFA and Student Employment Services can also verify a student's FWS award limit.


Ryan Czech, Student Financial AidRyan Czech works as a Financial Aid Counselor in BGSU's Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Ryan coordinates Satisfactory Academic Progress, Dependency Appeals, Housing Appeals, Study Abroad along with counseling students and families. He currently oversees six Student Financial Aid Counselors that work in the customer service areas involving the call center and lobby walk-in support.

He enjoys his dual role of not only helping students and families navigate the financial aid process, but also training and mentoring the students who work for him. The students play a vital role in the office as they are responsible for working with a majority of the daily callers, as well as the individuals that come to the office to get help. 

Depending on the time of year, the student employees can handle upwards of 90% of the traffic that the office encounters. Because of this, they are able to not only support the office by providing financial aid information, but many times they assist with questions about BGSU in general. The student employees are learning many important skills that they can take with them when they leave BGSU to pursue their future careers.

Throughout the year, Ryan along with his colleagues, takes opportunities to thank his students for the work they do and ensure that they realize the value of their contributions to the office and the university as a whole. From Student Employee Appreciation Week to Final Exam Week Treats, and all the potlucks and treats in between, the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships staff fully support their student employees. 


RavenStudentSpotlight"Raven Bond has been a valued member of the BGSU Starbucks team since 2016.  She has gone from being a cashier her first year to becoming a student manager to taking on the role of training coordinator for the whole store this year.

She has gone from being a cashier her first year to becoming a student manager to taking on the role of training coordinator for the whole store this year.  She is a leader in customer service and providing a great experience at Starbucks, and a role model for other student that work there.  She is innovative in helping us develop our store specific training program based off the Starbucks corporate one.  Raven goes above and beyond to help train and develop out Baristas.  All this while being a full time student and juggling the rigors of how busy our store is."

Joshua Fink, Starbucks Store Manager

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