Marcus Kok's Story

Marcus Kok - Intramural Sports Attendant

Marcus, an international student from Malaysia, started as a practicum student at the Perry Field House with Intramural Sports and was fortunate enough to join the team the next semester as a paid staff member. Below is Marcus' testimonial:

I've learned a lot since I stepped foot in the Perry Field House. The working environment was fantastic and everyone around was easy to get along with and friendly.

Ever since I was involved with Recreation and Wellness, my daily schedule became more busy, which is a good thing. I believe that this is all part of being a college student and experiences like this definitely better prepare one before entering the real world. I've always been a very organized individual and being involved with Recreation and Wellness helped me refine this skill.

The best part of being involved with Recreation and Wellness is definitely the people. Everyone around me is happy and friendly. I feel blessed to be around and work with my colleagues. On top of that, my supervisor Scott Sehmann is a very hardworking and fantastic individual. He gets us to finish our job with a smile on our faces. It is always a plus to have a great boss.

My participation with Recreation and Wellness helped me with leadership because I am currently working with a practicum student. It helped me in communication skills because I am in charge of answering the phone to answer any questions related to Intramural Sports. It helped me become more disciplined and also more organized. It also helped in the critical thinking aspect. I was taught to think outside of the box to solve problems.

I knew I was going to have a sport-related career but not exactly where and what. Since what I am currently doing as an Intramural Sports staff member exposes me to careers like administration, operations, equipment manager, etc. I have a wider range of choices. After working in the Intramural Office, I am also pretty sure that I will go into operations in the future.