Telling Our Story

The Division of Student Affairs wants to share with you stories from individual students  who are engaged and involved at BGSU to highlight how getting involved on campus and in Student Affairs can change your life!

We asked a group of students to tell us what groups or positions they were involved with within the Division of Students Affairs. From there we wanted to know:

  • how their connection and involvment has made a difference in their life as a students
  • what the best part about their involvment has been
  • how has their involvment lead to leadership and communication skills, their views on diversity, motivation, creativity, critical thinking and more
  • how their involvment has made them think about their future career in new ways. what are the connections they now see with their planned career?

We Would Love to Hear from You

Nominate yourself or a student with whom you work using the Submit Your Story button on the right. Share your experiences at Bowling Green State University in consideration of publication on this page and through other BGSU marketing outlets.

For More Information:

Christopher H. Bullins, M.A., Associate Dean of Students
401 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
Phone: (419) 372-2343 |