Annual Reports by Department

Annually, each department within the Division of Student Affairs completes and submits both an annual report and a program assessment report. Below are links to those reports by department. For more information, contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at 419-372-2147 or

2014-2015 Annual Report Instructions and Template Downloads

Step #1

Complete the Annual Report Template (Mission Statement, Executive Summary, Key Highlights, Etc.)

Step #2

Complete two Signature Program Reports.  Please ensure the two programs that you submit have student learning outcomes that align with the Division and University, and that they have data that measures learning/development and not focusing on student needs, satisfaction, etc.  It is highly recommended that you refer to the 2013-2014 Signature Program Assessment Report Rubric as a guide when completing the reports.

Step #3

Collect the list of students who were members of your 2014-2015 program cohorts.  Submit their first and last names and BGSU student ID numbers using an Excel spreadsheet.  If you have multiple cohorts, please place them on different tabs and then name the tab so we know what cohort it is.

If you know which students were first-time, full-time at BGSU in fall 2014, then only include them.  If you do not know, submit all cohort participants and we can narrow it down for you.

Step #4

If your unit has gone through Program Review, please submit a listing of actions taken based on recommendations from your Program Review.  Verify this list is also updated in Compliance Assist, Campus Labs.

Step #5

Submit all documents in OrgSync under the DSA folders as noted: 14-15 Annual Reports, 14-15 Signature Programs, Cohort Tracking Files, and Program Review.  Now, congratulate yourself on the successful submission of the annual report documents by August 7!