Student Spotlights

International graduate student, Crystal Lau has made lifelong friends, discovered new talents and dedicated her future career to helping others gain their voice, both on stage and in everyday life.

Throughout her years at BGSU, Crystal served as an International Student Ambassador where she assisted with International Student Orientation among many other events and opportunities throughout the semester. Speaking about her experience, Crystal stated:

“I’m there to be a friendly face and provide insight to new international students. We try to make ourselves available to help with programming, like international education week and homecoming. We have 10 students this year and we try to be a student liaison between student body and campus administration.”


Crystal also shared about her experience as an international student ambassador:

“I think being involved on campus gives the ability to meet lots of people and friends. One of the most memorable experiences would be meeting President Rogers and his wife. We were helping shuttle students to the Detroit airport at the end of the semester and we ran into each other at the baggage claim. He and his wife are very genuine, nice people and I’m very lucky to have met them.”

Additionally, Crystal works on campus as a Group Fitness Instructor at the Student Recreation Center, where she instructs both Zumba and Aqua Zumba. One of her favorite memories on campus included a time when she was able to step out of her comfort zone and teach a class in front of over 100 international students.

“Two years ago, when I was an international student ambassador, I was asked to lead a mini Zumba session for international students. It was my first time teaching. I had just gotten my license and I was teaching over 100 students in the BTSU Ballroom. I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and do something I never thought I’d be able to do. I became really close friends with some of the people I met that day.”

It’s safe to say that Crystal’s involvement on campus has led her to finding a home here at BGSU. That being said, her second favorite memory was her thesis defense. Of this experience, she stated:

 “You get to meet so many wonderful people on campus—they’re some of the best friend I’ve ever met. They were actually able to join my livestream of my thesis defense, and it really helped calm my nerves to know I was surrounded by people who love me and care about me. I know I get up on stage and sing, however this was still different and intimidating, so it was special being able to share it with my friends.”

Crystal will graduate with a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies this spring. After graduating, she hopes to become a singing voice specialist.

“With my degree, I combined coursework from Communication Sciences and Disorders and Music, and this gives a very broad background for my career. I want to help any performers who uses their voice on a regular basis—like singers, theater performers, public speakers—to give advice or help them regain their voice. I want to be the person that helps people to recover.”

With that, Crystal left us with a bit of advice for future Falcons:

“I tell a lot of international students this as well—enjoy your time here on campus and step outside your comfort zone! Go out and meet people you’ve never met before and people with different backgrounds. I find that by doing this it helps me to be more open-minded and become more receptive when it comes to other peoples’ perspectives. It has really helped me become more outgoing and confident, and it helped get me through some of the toughest times of my life. These people have now become my safety net and support system. It’s understandable to be scared, but get to know them and have fun!”

For junior undergraduate student Remey Schneider, being involved on campus is more than just joining a club or two. Throughout three years, Remey has experienced being a Falcon by diving head first into the BGSU community.

Remey Schneider is a junior currently studying Environmental Policy and Analysis as well as International Studies. On the path to work in Foreign Affairs, he intends on earning his master’s in Public Administration after graduation and ultimately attending law school.

“I want to go into Foreign Affairs because of the ability to experience other cultures while working with policies and stakeholders. I also think it is a way to get involved with creating positive social change on a global scale.”


Remey currently works as a desk clerk at Kreischer Quadrangle and for Outdoor Programs through Recreation & Wellness. He is also an Undergraduate Student Trustee on the BGSU Board of Trustees. 

Remey is involved in University Orientation and the Fall Welcome Orientation Team and the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy. “I’ve experienced some of my most notable memories from being on the Orientation Team and watching students go through University Orientation and then coming back to campus for Fall Welcome.”

Attending his first BGSU hockey game as a freshman and experiencing the sense of community is Remey’s favorite Falcon memory. Remey says, “It was such a great way to get to know what the community is like at this school.”

Approaching the end of his junior year at BGSU, Remey suggests that freshmen can succeed and become more involved on campus by getting out of their comfort zones. “Push yourself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. There are going to be a lot of new experiences and the more you put yourself out there the more opportunities will come your way.”

Students often become involved and participate in campus activities and organizations, but not many choose to organize and work throughout their semesters to coordinate these campus events. However, this is one place where Estee Miller chooses to invest her time and effort.

Throughout her three years at BGSU, Estee has been a resident advisor, a University Activities Organization member and became a part of the Falcons After Dark program—where she and her co-workers were assigned nights to plan and coordinate.


In addition, Estee was elected a Falcon Leadership Institute teaching assistant and holds a position in Student Government as director of Collaboration & Outreach. She was also a member of National Residence Hall Honorary and involved in the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Society. 

Estee shared that many of her fondest memories during her time at BGSU came from her on-campus involvement. She spoke of enjoying her frequent event planning opportunities for University Activities Organization—a favorite being participating as a  board member for Falcon Finale. The event was massively successful with high attendance, fireworks and a live concert. Additionally, Estee was voted BGSU Homecoming Queen fall of 2019. She marks this as one of her most prized Falcon memories—having her whole family attend, watch and celebrate the event was such an impactful experience.

Estee Miller will graduate spring of 2020 with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies and plans to remain in Bowling Green. Fall of 2020 she will start earning her master’s in Public Administration as her next degree at BGSU. She is looking to specialize in the public and nonprofit sector, dealing with real world problems. After completing her second degree, Estee hopes to move back home and obtain a job in her field while helping the people in her community who are in need.

With this, Estee concludes with a piece of advice for incoming Falcons. “Get involved in campus organizations having to do with your major and passions. This will help you to find friends and build a support system. It will also benefit you by helping you to find a network for potential future jobs. Also, freshmen need to talk to people in their dorms and hall—this is how you will often find your first friends!”

Many students make time to join one or two campus organizations during their career at BGSU. One organization just wasn’t enough for Xavi Boes.

Throughout his three years so far at BGSU, Xavi was elected President of the Latino Student Union and is a part of Undergraduate Student Government, President’s Leadership Academy and Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals.

Additionally, Xavi is part of University Conduct Committee, Residential Conduct Committee and Student Organization Allocation Board.


“I knew I wanted to get involved with Latino Student Union, which in turn opened many other doors for me. Throughout the years, I’ve been welcomed to the President’s University housing among countless other opportunities. The best part is creating programming that can help other students through my own experiences. Without being involved, I wouldn’t have had the impact that has spread throughout the other areas of my life."

Xavi’s jobs as both a student assistant in the Office of the Dean of Students and a summer assistant for New Student Orientation have led him to finding his home here on campus. Because of this, he plans to start his career in Student Affairs after graduation.

Boes will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication in spring of 2021. After this, he plans to earn a master’s degree in College Student Personnel.

With that, Xavi left us with a bit of advice for future Falcons. “Get involved on campus! It opens the door for many opportunities to connect with a group of people doing something you love. There are over 300 student organizations on campus. There’s something here for you—go find it!”

Bright, friendly and helpful are a few words that could be used when describing Kelsie Valliant. Valliant is a junior majoring in Video Communication Technology (VCT) with a specialization in print and a minor in Leadership. Being the creative and punctual student that she is, she was elected Secretary of VCT Organization (VCTO) where she plans meetings for VCT students and serves as a useful resource for her peers. Post-graduation, Kelsie hopes to find a job working with Marketing and Graphic Design for either a university or a design agency.


Since starting her college career at BGSU, Kelsie was once hall ambassador for Offenhauer Towers where she worked for BGSU Marketing & Communications (M&C) at the Office of Residence Life. She managed posters and various graphics, wrote blog posts, and spoke with potential students. Last summer, she began a new position working for BG Falcon Media. Here she produced graphics for Residence Life Hall Ambassadors and BG Falcon Media. Once Fall 2019 came along, she accepted a position as an assistant for BGSU M&C. In this position, she has produced housing guides, furniture packets, and other graphic materials. This summer, Kelsie has already accepted a position as an Orientation Leader, where she will lead in-person activities as well as produce a virtual orientation option. 

Kelsie’s time at BGSU so far has been packed with numerous leadership opportunities and involvement across campus. When asked about her most notable experience due to her campus involvement, she spoke of being a University Welcome and Fall Welcome Orientation Leader her sophomore and junior years. “It was so fun making connections that first week, then seeing them later around campus.” Kelsie was involved in last President’s Day visitations by welcoming visitors and helping to guide them through Offenhauer Towers. At this event, a visitor came up to her and explained that he had recognized her from a YouTube video from her former role as a hall ambassador. This was a pleasant surprise for Kelsie, as it reminded her of the importance of her on-campus involvement.

Outside of her on-campus positions, Kelsie enjoys attending hockey games and Falcons After Dark events. Both activities became a source of fun for her throughout her time at BGSU. When asked about advice for incoming freshmen, Kelsie shared the importance of having a map of campus when scheduling classes during University Orientation. She said, “It is important to look at the map and take into account proximity, also helping them to become familiar with campus early on.” She also nudges incoming freshmen to take advantage of their first semester. “Incoming freshmen should definitely attend and enjoy Fall Welcome while they can, because you will not have that chance for the same experiences ever again.”

College brings opportunities to all who pursue them, that is what Eric Minus had in mind since he set his sights on BGSU. Starting his first year, he became a member of the 2016 cohort of the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy and has continued membership throughout his college career.

Eric is now a senior on track to graduate this May with a degree in computer science with a minor in mathematics. Since his freshman year at BGSU, he has held numerous on-campus positions, one being an Orientation Team Leader where he assisted in welcoming new students during University Orientation and Fall Welcome. Eric then took a position as a Student Leadership Assistant for the Marvin Center for Student Leadership, where he is constructing lesson plans on different leadership topics to facilitate to student organizations. 


The summer before his senior year, Eric interned at Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, OH. Post internship, he accepted a full-time position and has plans to return after graduation. Here he will be a part of the IT Department, working with other Nationwide employees and customers, creating applications for better and more accessible online services. 

When asked about his most notable experience as a Falcon, Eric explained how fun and impactful it was to be a part of SICSIC as Hulk. He said being a part of this group was a great way to give back to the campus community. One of his favorite memories was SICSIC Unmasking. Another one of his favorite memories was being a part of BGSU’s Class of 2022 Convocation. Here he was a speaker, giving advice to new students; he added that it was a nerve wracking but rewarding experience.

After a college career full of campus involvement, Eric’s advice to incoming freshmen echoed this same sentiment; “Get involved, but don’t rush into it—look around and choose, because being involved helped me to learn about myself and people around me. It will help you to find your niche and your friends.”

Updated: 04/06/2023 11:49AM