Strategic Goals & Accomplishments 2016-2017

Goal 1: Engage undergraduate students in a unique BG learning experience that fosters engaged citizenship, global leadership and career preparedness which will lead to life-long success.

Create new academic programs that are responsive to workforce needs.

  • Introduced new degree program (Software Engineering) and new specializations.

Increase number of students with internships/co-ops.

  • Increased number of students who completed Falcon Internship Guarantee Program (3,641 in 2016-2017).

Increase number of students with study abroad experiences; raise scholarship funding for study abroad.

  • Increased number of students going abroad (441 in 2015-2016; 500 in 2016-2017).

Further increase students' participation in the BG Experience. (Increase internships, education abroad, research projects, community projects, and learning communities' participation).

  • Added two learning communities to first-year experience.
  • Established protocol for tracking student engagement.
  • Developed "vital communities' initiative" for Bowling Green and Sandusky. Increased percentage of students participating in service learning by 20%.
  • Completed "major maps" for largest 35 programs.
  • Completed assessment of general education courses.
  • Increased monitoring of at risk students; Increased percentage of faculty mentors monitoring student success.
  • Engaged Owens/Falcon Express students in activities (career fair, job fair, advising).

Ensure all graduates have a career plan at time of graduation.

Other accomplishments for this goal include:

  • Created, developed and launched brand of "Belong. Stand Out. Go Far."
  • Received national recognition for academic programs (business; accounting).
  • Developed working group to facilitate collaboration between the School of Media and Communication and WBGU-TV; Successfully navigated FCC spectrum auction.

Goal 2: Link graduate programs strategically to scholarship and research pursuits.

Increase external funding and work toward a goal of $30 million.

  • Total external grant awards are expected to total $15.2 million. This will be the third year in a row of increased funding.

Create new master's degree programs that are responsive to workforce needs.

  • Added new graduate program in European Studies.

Ensure flexibility in the delivery of current master degree offerings.

  • Added online programs in English, Educational Leadership, Special Education, Food and Nutrition, History, Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Grow enrollments and research in the areas of focus with the academic plan.
Other accomplishments for this goal include:

  • Received national recognition for academic programs (criminal justice; organizational psych).
  • Committed $2.1 million in start-up awards and retention packages for 7 faculty members, including those in the new water quality initiative, data science, and photochemical sciences.
  • Sponsored an external review of BGSU's export controls policies and procedures.
  • Conducted comprehensive review of centers and institutes.
  • Received external recognition for faculty. (Dr. Elainie Lillios: Barlow Endowment Commission for Music Composition to write a work specifically for Bent Frequency; Dr. Sri Kolla: Fulbright-Nehru Scholar at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore; Dr. Alexis Ostrowski: Early Career Development award from the National Science Foundation; Dr. Robert Huber: 2016-17 Radcliffe Institute Fellowship at Harvard).

Goal 3: Expand academic, research, and public service partnerships with regional communities, the State of Ohio, and other universities; and with national and global private, nonprofit, and governmental entities.

Develop relationships/partnerships with companies or organizations to further the vision and mission of BGSU.

  • Finalized partnership with Saudi Arabia Airlines to enroll students each year.

Expand the number of relationships/partnerships with regional companies, organizations and communities to further the vision and mission of BGSU.

  • Collaborated with ProMedica, Mercy Health System, UT for grant from Third Frontier to increase number of high-tech companies in region.
  • Formed Collab Lab leadership team to develop and implement an action plan for the Collab Lab site design and planning.
  • Enhanced relationship with Cedar Fair for new program in resort and attraction management.
  • Established early assurance agreement for BGSU Firelands with University of Findlay Doctor of Pharmacy program.
  • Collaborated with UT on joint research and on program development (advanced manufacturing, health-related fields).

Other accomplishments for this goal include:

  • Received Innovation Grant from State of Ohio.

Goal 4: Advance global engagement through learning, discovery and service.

Host programs, conferences and seminars focused on global engagement.

  • Enhanced offerings for international week.
  • Offered two joint international conferences.

Increase the level of global engagement in the areas of conferences, research and programming.

  • Created faculty liaison position in Education Abroad area.
  • Implemented travel registry and risk management education for abroad experiences.
  • Increased number of international articulation agreements (11 new; 9 pending).
  • Increased number of short-term, faculty-lead study abroad programs (21).
  • Continued partnerships with Chinese institutions (Tianjin Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Beijing Information Science and Technology University).

Goal 5: Build a campus and community that fosters diversity and inclusion.

Increase the number of faculty and staff of color.

  • Number of minority employees has increased 287 in 2013 (11%) to 323 in 2017 (13%)

Host programs designed to highlight diversity and inclusion.

  • Conducted analysis of Title IX compliance.
  • Offered mandatory training for search committees.
  • Established BGSU Response Team to focus on issues of bias and other incidents.
  • Focused on inclusiveness in classroom pedagogy.
  • Initiated task force focused on issues relating to sexual assault prevention and education.

Support "Not In Our Town," "It's on Us," and "We are 1 Team" initiatives.

  • Received NCAA/Minorities Opportunities Athletic Association Award for Diversity and Inclusion.

Goal 6: Enhance the well-being and quality of life of BGSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Offer programming designed for faculty and staff.

  • Implemented required committees as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Implemented reappointment/tenure/promotion process and merit review process as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Implemented new faculty hiring process.
  • Established "Silver Sneaker" program at Student Recreation Center and Perry Field House.
  • Trained key University personnel on National Incident Management System; Named a "Storm Ready University."

Other accomplishments for this goal include:

  • Negotiated contract for health insurance for students.
  • Developed and launched new BGSU App.
  • Implemented initiatives in support of Presidents' Climate Commitment; received national recognition for sustainability activities.
  • Increased summer camp offerings (3 in 2016; 9 in 2017).

Goal 7: Develop a physical, organizational, and financial infrastructure that ensures the short- and long-term success of the BG experience and enhances the development of the BG family.

Continue to increase student body to 25,000 head count.

  • Admitted the best academically prepared freshman class (22.8 ACT score/GPA of 3.42) in history.
  • Enrollment increased 3.3% for Fall 2016.
  • Increased enrollment in Firelands Pathway program.
  • Implemented Academic Works scholarship system to begin to fully leverage private awards to new and returning students.
  • Developed articulation agreements and dual admission agreements with strategic partners.

Sustain a retention rate of 80 percent while increasing 4- and 6-year graduation rates.

  • Project retention rate to be 78-79% percent in Fall 2017, an increase from Fall 2016.

Continue implementation of master plan.

  • Opened Greek Village, Kuhlin Center.
  • Opened Falcon Outfitters, Career and Student Employment Center.
  • Made significant progress on renovation of University and Moseley Halls.

Continue the comprehensive campaign.

  • Achieved Campaign total of more than $100 million.
  • Created Women for Philanthropy program which provided funds for gap scholarships.
  • Raised more than $325,000 and added 700 new donors on "BGSU One Day of Giving."
  • Named Ice Arena for Slater family. Celebrated 50th anniversary of arena.
  • Named new facility (Maurer Family Center) for College of Business. Raised $10 million for new facility.

Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of all operations.

  • Continued implementation of the recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency in Higher Education.

Other accomplishments for this goal include:

  • Hosted signature events (Bravo! BGSU, Golden Falcons, Alumni Summer College, The Hatch, Sebo Series, Lifetime Achievement Award, Academy of Distinguished Alumni).
  • Focused on HLC accreditation process and requirements for quality improvement plan.