Strategic Goals & Accomplishments 2014-2015

GOAL 1:  Engage undergraduate students in a unique BG learning experience that fosters engaged citizenship, global leadership and career preparedness which will lead to life-long success.

Academic Programming:

  • Ranked by US News and World Report as one of the Top 100 Public Universities. Achieved other national rankings for academic programs.
  • Refined the “linked” course initiative to build engagement early to increase FTFT retention rates. Retention of Fall 2014 cohort to be nearly 80 percent.
  • Increased participation in learning communities to 30 percent. Reduced the number of courses from more than 300 to approximately 130.
  • Increased the number of undergraduate research projects to 250.
  • Completed review process of all general education courses leading to a focused offering of general education courses that are tightly aligned with BGSU’s learning outcomes.
  • Finalized assessment processes for all general education courses.
  • Developed a plan to communicate the BG learning experience to prospective and current students.
  • Designed and funded nine grants through Trustees Innovation Fund.
  • Increased on-line students by focusing current programs and developing programs that are in-demand. Established eCampus to better support and market programs.
  • Developed the senior survey to increase participation rate and gather data regarding graduate's career plans – 60 percent participation rate.
  • Implemented Student Success Collaborative which includes four-year digital "roadmaps" for degree completion and predictive analytics.
  • Leveraged BGSU Firelands in developing pathways for students who wish to have a BGSU degree.
  • Developed a variety of new academic programs focused in areas of high demand such as marine/aquatic biology specialization to the master’s program in Biological Sciences (in preparation as a 4+1 program), graduate specializations in social and interactive media, strategic communications and undergraduate specializations in software engineering, insurance, workforce education and development, and public health.
  • Continued and expanded the Centennial Hall Faculty Involvement program and expanded it to three additional residence halls.
Use of Technology:
  • Leveraged technology to support a connected UG educational experience, increase retention and shorten time to graduation.
  • Upgraded systems to add mobile capabilities.
Student Programming:
  • Reworked Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) and opening weekend events.
  • Aligned learning outcomes of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.
  • Developed Student Affairs strategic plan.
  • Embedded career-related activities in all undergraduate programs to ensure students are prepared for first time as well as "life-long career growth.”
  • Implemented the internship guarantee and ensure all students have an opportunity for some type of experiential learning such as an internship, co-op or service learning placement, or a capstone experience.
  • Partnered with International Student Programs to provide programs and services to meet the unique needs of international students.
  • Provided resources to continue offering programs that focus on global and cultural awareness.
Facilities/Master Plan:
  • Participated on City of BG land use master plan Steering Committee. Completed a review of University real estate needs and develop an Edge strategy that complements the City of Bowling Green's land use master plan.
  • Achieved a school-record 3.186 cumulative grade point average, across all students.
  • More than 63 percent earned a 3.0 GPA or better
  • Sixty-four (64) earned a 4.0 GPA or better
  • Fifteen (15) of 18 teams posted a team GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Earned an 86 percent Graduation Success Rate – third highest in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) and above the national average.
  • Five (5) teams earned a perfect 100 percent GSR (Men’s Cross Country, Hockey, Women’s Golf, Women’s Tennis and Volleyball).
  • Won the Women’s Faculty Athletics Representative Award in the MAC.
  • Finished second out of 12 for the MAC Institutional Academic Achievement Award.

GOAL 2:  Link graduate programs strategically to scholarship and research pursuits.

  • Enhanced current programming offerings to allow adult, on-line, and other non-traditional students to access the value of a BGSU degree in high-growth/high-demand areas with the roll-out of five, new on-line and/or degree completion programs for 2015-16.
  • Continued to support “building strength” initiative to support faculty research with potential for external funding.
  • Added new master-level programs that meet the needs of various sectors of the economy and where appropriate, ensure that undergraduate students have clear "pathways" to enter a BGSU graduate program (3+2 programs) with the roll-out of three master level programs for 2015-16.
  • Completed the hiring of 30 new faculty in areas to support new programming.
  • Completed program review of five doctoral programs and adjusted the funding model so that 50 percent of the graduate programs are tuition generating.
  • Conducted the first accurate financial review of graduate programs:  Results of this analysis were disseminated to colleges to help them manage a $2.4M decrease in their tuition scholarship budgets.
  • Facilitated logistics and sponsorship of the NSF Workshop on Harmful Algal Blooms which brought 115 researchers from six countries to campus and national recognition to BGSU.

GOAL 3: Expand academic, research, and public service partnerships with regional communities, the State of Ohio, and other universities; and with national and global private, nonprofit, and governmental entities.

  • Created new opportunities for students and collaborative partnerships on campus (i.e. WBGU) with the growth of our ESPN, CBS College Sports Network, and Stretch Internet agreements.
  • Received Carnegie Foundation designation as an engaged university.
  • Partnered with the University of Toledo and all two-year community colleges in Northwest Ohio on an #1 million grant from the State of Ohio to support advanced manufacturing in the region.
  • Implemented the Center for Forensic Science academic mission to create educational opportunities for both BGSU students (undergraduate and graduate programs) and forensic science professionals (online training modules).
  • Initiated partnership with the Regional Growth Partnership to help sponsor the creation of the Collab-Lab. Goal is to foster the development of commercializable products and businesses based on the strategic plan for collaborative innovation.
  • Hired the new Director of the Center for Photochemical Sciences who should help expand the research activities of the Center.
  • Logged more than 1,100 community service hours by student athletes.
  • Established partnership with Cedar Fair to support workforce and economic development in Ohio and beyond.
  • Developing Effective Businesses and Organizations (Center of Excellence) offered programming on talent management and onboarding, business analytics, leadership, and entrepreneurship to business leaders in the Great Lakes Region.
  • In partnership with the City of Sandusky, established a field research station in Sandusky to support water research.
  • Implemented College Credit Plus partnerships with school districts for high school students to earn college credit though BGSU.

GOAL 4:  Advance global engagement through learning, discovery and service.

  • Increased number of articulation agreements with international institutions with 10 new agreements.
  • Worked with deans and colleges to bring speakers with an international or global perspective to campus.
  • Approved recruitment of international students to Firelands.
  • Established study-abroad internships for a variety of programs.

GOAL 5:  Build a campus and community that fosters diversity and inclusion.

  • Presented the BG It’s on Us program at the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence Annual conference.
  • Marked the second anniversary of the NIOT effort with the Bowling Green community with a NIOT produced film, “A Bowling Green Legacy.”
  • Hosted inaugural Interfaith Community Breakfast in collaboration with the City of Bowling Green and the greater interfaith community.
  • Conducted a survey of all faculty and staff on ways to embrace and highlight campus diversity and inclusion.
  • Hosted a community discussion on the meaning and roots behind the role of social media, the role of community members, the responsibility for diversity and social justice in a college community, and our obligation as a citizen of the community.
  • Jointed the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) grant program administered by Chicago State University and Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis.
  • Implemented President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion at Firelands.
  • Providing online Title IX and sexual assault training to all enrolled students.

GOAL 6:  Enhance the well-being and quality of life of BGSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

  • Creation/Collaboration with USG in the development of Falcon Care - Student charitable initiative that allows donation of meals to students in need.
  • Implemented recommendations from Faculty Committee dealing with COACHE survey.
  • Established new special appointments for faculty (professor of teaching excellence, professor of research/creative arts excellence, professor of service/external engagement).
  • Implemented Faculty Excellence Award Program.

GOAL 7:  Develop a physical, organizational, and financial infrastructure that ensures the short- and long-term success of the BG experience and enhances the development of the BG family.

  • Completed multi-year comparison of all Ohio public school graduate tuition and fee.  Developed multi-year plan in conjunction with tuition discounting plan for Graduate College.
  • Developed new sources of revenue by increasing exposure to current online affiliations, identifying new merchandise and service opportunities, and developing new community-based partnerships.
  • Generated increased customer loyalty and engagement by enhancing public relations initiatives relating to pricing and competiveness and expanding efforts to generate goodwill including better promotion of scholarship investments and other contributions to the BGSU community.
  • Secured the BGSU Bookstore’s role as provider of digital content by working with administration to develop an institution-wide strategy, continuing partnerships and pilots with publishers, LMS integration with Office of the CIO, and participating with industry initiatives.
  • Secured 28 gifts and pledges of $100,000 or more this fiscal year to date. Campaign total is $48.3 million as of May 15.
  • Increased annual giving 5 percent to $3,807,000.
  • Completed extensive “case statements and priorities” development process. Strategic direction of individual units has been clarified, as well as the fundraising priorities in support of those.
  • Made substantial progress on the centralization of Foundation business functions.
  • Acquired 132 new licensees through a new licensing partner, Licensing Resource Group. Expanded branding presence in local, regional and web-based markets.
  • Signed new apparel sponsorship agreement that expanded our ability to co-brand with a national leader, Nike.
  • Generated overall revenue increase of 12 percent ($7,640,676 in FY14 to $8,570,437 in FY15*).
  • Experienced 10 percent growth in paid ticket sales ($1.41M to $1.55M).
  • Received verbal commitment for the first named coaching position of $1M.
  • Completed design document and begin construction for Allied Health and Sciences building at BGSU Firelands.
  • Planned for renovation of new space due to Architecture Program relocation.
  • Completed construction Student Recreation Center.
  • Completed the demolition of Greek housing units. Began the construction of the new Greek Village. Facilitated a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Greek Village. Coordinated the assignment of fraternities and sororities to the new units.  
  • Renovated Health & Human Services Building.
  • Started renovation to South Hall for School of Media and Communication.
  • Began design and renovations for Moseley Hall, new science building.
  • Began design and renovations for Eppler Hall.
  • Began design for renovation of University Hall.
  • Began design for renovation of Perry Stadium.
  • Completed Huntington building renovations.
  • Programed and designed classroom upgrades for all of campus prioritized based upon the classroom model. Implemented work based upon available funding sources.
  • Continued campus working group of staff, faculty, and student representation toward the formulation of our Climate Action Plan due January 2015.
  • Designed and built new Bureau of Criminal Investigation facility on the BGSU campus in collaboration with the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office, utilizing new Alternative Project Delivery method, CMR.