Strategic Goals 2017-2018

Goal 1: Engage undergraduate students in a unique BG learning experience that fosters engaged citizenship, global leadership and career preparedness which will lead to life-long success.

  • Respond to workforce needs by creating at least three new academic programs and/or providing new modes of instructional delivery for current programs.
  • Further increase students' participation in the BG Experience. (Increase internships by 5-10%, education abroad by 5-10%, research projects by 5-10%, community projects, and learning communities' participation).
  • Ensure all graduates as of the fall 2017 entering class have a career plan (Falcon Flight Plan) at time of graduation.
  • Enhance the quality of the teaching and learning through creative use of the technology, active learning strategies and inclusive teaching pedagogies.
  • Refine programs designed to increase retention and student success for all students.

Goal 2: Link graduate programs strategically to scholarship and research pursuits.

  • Increase external funding and work toward a goal of $30 million in research expenditures.
  • Create at least three new master's degree programs or new modes of instructional delivery for current programs that are responsive to workforce needs.
  • Grow enrollments and research in the areas of focus in the academic plan.
  • Ensure successful implementation of the Entrepreneurial Services Program.
  • Develop commercial and tech transfer projects through the strategic use of the Collab Lab.

Goal 3: Expand academic, research, and public service partnerships with regional communities, the State of Ohio, and other universities; and with national and global private, nonprofit, and governmental entities.

  • Expand the number of relationships/partnerships, at the University level and at the college level, with companies, organizations and communities to further the vision and mission of BGSU.
  • Use the Collab Lab to assist with economic development in Northwest Ohio.
  • Implement the findings from the reviews of the centers and institutes to enhance their impact and effectiveness and align with areas of focus of academic plan.
  • Emphasize entrepreneurial activities to build BGSU's reputation.

Goal 4: Advance global engagement through learning, discovery and service.

  • Host programs, conferences and seminars focused on global engagement.
  • Increase the level of global engagement in the areas of research; academic and co-curricular programming; education abroad; and conferences.
  • Expand recruitment efforts for international students, faculty and staff.
  • Develop new and expand current partnerships with international universities.

Goal 5: Build a campus and community that fosters diversity and inclusion.

  • Develop programs and strategies to increase the recruitment, retention and success of underrepresented and diverse students, faculty, and staff.
  • Enhance support services and initiatives to support the retention and success of underrepresented and diverse students, faculty, and staff.
  • Promote programs designed to celebrate gains, and further develop programs, centered on diversity and inclusion.
  • Support "PACODI," "Not in Our Town," "It's on Us," and "We Are One Team" initiatives.
  • Engage and dialogue with the campus and community about the importance of difference and the educational benefits of diversity.

Goal 6: Enhance the well-being and quality of life of BGSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

  • Offer professional and personal development opportunities and programming (e.g. leadership, compliance, wellness) for faculty and staff to support their growth and development and enhance the student experience.
  • Implement recommendations developed by the sexual assault task force.
  • Reinforce a campus culture of outstanding service and student success.
  • Enhance town-gown relationship through intentional collaborations with city and county officials and offices.
  • Expand and support wellness options and programs faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.
  • Continue to engage alumni and friends through programming and events.

Goal 7: Develop a physical, organizational, and financial infrastructure that ensures the short- and long-term success of the BG experience and enhances the development of the BG family.

  • Continue to increase student body to 25,000 head count by achieving and sustaining a retention rate of 80 percent while increasing 4- and 6-year graduation rates and by robust recruiting of traditional and non-traditional students including Firelands and eCampus.
  • Continue to implement the campus master plan and revise the student housing plan.
  • Ensure the success of the comprehensive campaign.
  • Integrate the concepts of value and quality into the University brand.
  • Establish the appropriate level and quality of staffing and services in all units.
  • Continue to implement program reviews and complete appropriate accreditations successfully for academic and support programs.
  • Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of all operations.