NEW! The Fireground Company Officer

October 19 - 22, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This is not an NFPA Fire Officer course! This 4-day course will prepare students to become better officers on the fireground. Whether you are already an officer or aspiring to be an officer - this course will give you the knowledge and motivation to  be the best. We will focus on decision making, effective communication, training,  fire behavior, building construction, team building, engine company operations, truck company operations and fireground survival. With experience in urban, suburban and rural environments, instructors will provide students with daily challenges and exercises they can apply to everyday fireground operations.

Students will be provided with various classroom materials to share with their departments. Students should come prepared to engage in discussion and group activities.

Students must have prior firefighting experience. Students should be Fire Company Officers or aspiring to be Fire Company Officers.

Lead Instructor
Mike Kirby, Captain (retired) Cincinnati FD


Course Outline

Day 1
o The Fire Company Officer
o Duties
o Avoiding Failure on the Fireground
o General Communication
o Communication Exercises
o Problem Solving

Day 2
o Communications on the Fireground
o Decision Making
o Size-Up
o Building Construction
o Fire Behavior

Day 3
o Training & Practice Techniques
o Engine Company Operations
o Truck Company Operations

Day 4
o Survival and Red Flags
o Scenarios
o Ensuring Future Success – What to Do From Here