The Enlightened Volunteer

Date TBD
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The volunteer service has undergone tremendous change in the past two decades. Has your department grown and evolved with the changing times or is it falling behind?  Currently, many volunteer departments are struggling with leadership, retention, and training. The Enlightened Volunteer takes an in-depth look at these issues and discusses ways to address , plan, and implement positive changes within your department. The class structure consists of limited lecture, problem-based scenarios that your department faces, small group activities, and a deep review of your own leadership style and contributions. If you’re currently serving as an officer or member of a volunteer department and value integrity, leadership, and education, this is a must take class.

Resources Required 
You Win The Locker Room First 
- Book by Jon Gordon
Step Up and Lead - Book by Frank Viscuso

Lead Instructors
Matt Beakas, Middleton Twp Fire & Rescue
Ron Kay, Chief, Washington Twp Fire, Lt., Toledo Fire & Rescue
Brandon Westerman, Bowling Green Division of Fire