Single Engine Residential Fires (SERF) - 3 Day Class

October 5 - 7, 2019
8:00 am – 5:00 pm


The Critical First 10 Minutes 
The first 10 minutes on the fireground is what determines the eventual outcome.  How you perform during The Critical 10 minutes is directly related to prior training and preparation.  This training usually focuses independently on hose selection, search, forcible entry, ground ladders and ventilation.  Incident Command training rarely leaves the training room.  We often neglect to actually combine all of those pieces together, and very rarely do these global training sessions occur during realistic live-fire training.  

This class will consist of 3 days of live-fire evolutions in multiple structures.  You will make the fire ground decisions.  We will incorporate apparatus placement, building size-up, proper line selection and deployment, primary search, extinguishment, and overhaul in every evolution.  You will direct single company tactics, bearing in mind how they would affect next-arriving companies.  These evolutions will challenge your engine company skills and decision-making abilities.

Students must attend all 3 days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).  Please plan on bringing your lunch to class each day (you will not be permitted to leave the site for lunch).  Staff will provide rehab with water, Gatorade, and snacks/fruit.    

Special Requirements
You must provide a signed letter from your fire chief stating that you are physically fit for duty with no restrictions and you must be in good physical condition.  You must provide proof of a valid Ohio firefighter certification (or equivalent) with your registration form.  Beards are not permitted.  Cotton pants and long sleeve shirts are required.  You are responsible for transportation to and from class sites. 

Equipment requirements: 
SCBA with two extra cylinders.  Coat and pants with liner and moisture barrier (NFPA 1972-1986 edition), gloves (NFPA 1973-1983 edition), helmet (NFPA 1972-1986 edition), Nomex or PBI hood, SCBA with two full bottles.  Instructors reserve the right to approve or reject all PPE and SCBA equipment.

Lead Instructors
Joe Daniels, Lt., Marysville Division of Fire
Kevin McFarland, Lt., Violet Township Fire Dept


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