~~ CANCELED~~NEW! Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and Rescue Task Force

Classroom Dates:
October 17 - 18, 2022 
8:00 am–7:00 pm


As violent attacks in our country become more frequent, first responders must be prepared to mitigate the chaos. This course will prepare students to respond with other agencies as a unified response team to rapidly assess, stabilize and evacuate the wounded. Students will be introduced to MCI FTX drills utilizing deployment of the RTF teams, establishment of Unified Command, casualty collection points, and rally / reunification points. The instructors will emphasize ICS structure while treating, stabilizing and extracting the wounded. This course is hands on intensive with a generous amount of stress inoculation to hone the skills taught in class.

“We break it, fix it and repeat until the student has achieved a comfortable level of competence in his or her newfound skill sets.”

Silverback STS is Recognized by the Co-TECC and this course comes with 22 CEU’s 

Lead Instructor
Troy Lowe, Owner/CEO Silverback Safety & Training Solutions, Inc.


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