Advanced Rope Rescue - Technician

May 20 - 23, 2019
8:00 am–5:00 pm

May 24, 2019
8:00 am–3:00 pm

This class is for all firefighters, EMTs and industrial rescue personnel who have had previous basic or intermediate rope rescue training. 

As the landscape changes with the proliferation of wind turbines, new hazards are presented for the construction workers building them and for the first responders who are called upon when accidents happen. New techniques and equipment are necessary to deal with these structures and will also improve rescue skills from height or depth situations.  We will cover required rope rescue techniques including lower/haul systems, high lines, litter tilt lines, tracking lines and new belay techniques which are  (JPRs) job performance requirements outlined in NFPA 1006 standard.  New techniques will be covered for grain bin rescue.

Prerequisites: Student are required to have Basic or Level I Rope Rescue and students should be able to climb a 100 meter ladder (328')

Special Requirements
Students should bring rescue helmet w/light, class III full body harness, or seat/chest w/ dorsal and sternal connection, descender, gloves, safety glasses, a QAS (Quick Attachment Safety Lanyard), boots w / good ankle support.  You will need a second pair of shoes or boots. Only clean climbing boots (no fire boots) permitted inside the wind turbine. Prepare for all types of weather. Long pants required for most activities.  You are responsible for your own transportation to the class sites. Class is conducted in Bowling Green on Monday and Gilboa, Ohio other days of the week.

Lead Instructor
Russ Born, President, W. Born & Associates

$25 lab fee for Gilboa