Automated External Defibrillator

BGSU has AED's strategically placed across the main and Firelands campuses. Many AED’s are housed in wall-mounted storage cabinets for ease of access. Public Safety also carries AED's with them as part of first response.

       Site                                                                                 AED Location                                                         Main Campus

          Anderson Arena                                                                       1st floor tunnel hallway on West side of Arena/Gym
                                                                                                             **Restricted access- Hallway doors are locked, code access                                                        
          Business Administration                                                         2nd Floor-College of Business lounge area on East wall                                                                                                                across from stairs  
          Carillon Dining Hall                                                                 Behind Front Register
          Central Services (Campus Operations)                               Break Area East Wall
          Eppler Complex                                                                       Eppler South 1st Floor inside room S124
                                                                                                             (Exercise Physiology Lab)
                                                                                                              ** Restricted Area - lab may be locked                                              
          Eppler Complex                                                                       Eppler Center 1st floor main hallway across from Gym                   
          Field House                                                                              Main lobby wall next to the locker room by turf room
          Huntington Bldg.                                                                    Near main entrance outside room 142                                                                  
          Ice Arena                                                                                 Outside of the Pro Shop at South end of rink
          Ice Arena                                                                                 Training room inside of Falcon hockey locker room
                                                                                                            **Restricted access - locker rm/training rm may be locked)
          Jerome Library                                                                        1st floor near elevator next to open staircase
          Moore Musical Arts                                                                1st floor coat check beside main lobby                                                     
          Olscamp Hall                                                                           Hallway on South side of large meeting room 101
                                                                                                            near central lounge area  
          Public Safety                                                                           4 Police Cruisers have AED units  
          Sebo Center                                                                            Exam Room 100C inside athletic training room near Falcon                                                                                                             football locker room has 3 AED units
                                                                                                            **Restricted access - training room may be locked                                                                                      
          Sebo Center                                                                            2nd floor hallway near main staircase 
          Stroh Center                                                                           Exam room 106B inside athletic training room in South                                                                                                             Hallway
                                                                                                            **Restricted access - training room may be locked                                         
          Stroh  Center                                                                          Lower Concourse NE corner near main court 
                                                                                                            **Restricted access - training room may be locked                           
          Stroh Center                                                                           Lower Concourse SE corner near main court
                                                                                                            **Restricted access - training room may be locked
          Student Rec Center                                                                Basement main hallway near main staircase
          Student Rec Canter                                                                Hallway next to the Cooper pool main entrance 
                                                                                                             (near locker rooms)
          Student Rec. Center                                                               2nd floor next to the bench of seats by the basketball courts                            
          Student Union                                                                         BG1 desk North of main dining area 
                                                                                                             (next to PNC bank across from Falcon Outfitters)  
          Student Union                                                                         3rd floor across from elevators
          The Oaks Dining Hall                                                             1st floor near elevators                                         
          Wolfe Center                                                                           1st floor alcove near restrooms/front desk
          Woodbridge Warehouse                                                        1st floor near post office entrance

         Firelands Campus

         Cedar Point Center                                                                  NW corner of atrium  
         North Bldg.                                                                               Theater lobby, near pool table
         Foundation Hall                                                                        Lobby area near staircase  
         West Bldg.                                                                                 SE corner