Hoverboards In Residence Halls

Recent information has revealed that the batteries in devices such as Hoverboards are dangerous and prone to explosion, creating a safety and fire risk. Until a time that the safety standards of these devices are improved, The Office of Residence Life has prohibited them from being in any of our on campus residence hall facilities.

Effectively immediately, the use, possession, or storage of Hoverboards, Skagway’s, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, and similar devices, is prohibited  in any of our on campus residence hall facilities until safety standards for them can be developed and implemented, and the prohibition lifted.

If you have one of these devices, please remove it from campus. If you receive or purchase one of these devices during the break, please do not bring it to campus. Devices identified in the residence halls will be removed and the user/owner will be referred to student conduct for a violation of university policy.

Why Ban Hoverboards in on campus residence hall facilities?

This ban has been put in place until safety standards for Hoverboards can be developed and implemented. The primary concern is the number of documented incidents of fire related to Hoverboard use. Several major retailers have stopped selling the devices due to customer safety concerns. Major airlines have also refused to allow the devices on their planes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have issued statements regarding the devices. The CPSC is currently conducting investigations into why the devices might be prone to catching on fire. Here are a few additional reasons why the devices have been banned in the residence halls: 

  1. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has expressed concern about the use of these products and the risk of fire and personal injury.
  2. Major retailers and airlines have stopped selling Hoverboards or have banned them from their planes due to the potential risk to customer safety.
  3. Some of the products on the market have not been certified by a national independent testing laboratory (Underwriters Laboratory – UL).
  4. There are currently no consistent safety standards in place related to the design or manufacturing of Hoverboards.
  5. There have been numerous documented incidents of fires resulting from the use of Hoverboards and similar devices.
  6. The Office of Residence Life has a responsibility to assure the comfort and safety of all students living in the residence halls.
  7. The Office of Residence Life, as part of its fire prevention program, sometimes prohibits devices which may pose a fire risk.

Office of Residence Life Hoverboard Policy (Effective Immediately)

The use, possession, or storage of Hoverboards, Skagway’s, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, and similar devices, is prohibited in on campus residence hall facilities.* ^

*-Violation of this policy will result in referral to student conduct.
^-Violation of this policy will result in removal of the device.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Statement on Hoverboards

  1. Statement from the U.S. CPSC Chairman Elliot F. Kaye on the Safety of Hoverboards

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