Residential Academic Resource Center

Residential Academic Resource Center (RARC) is a dedicated space in each residence hall offering a variety of academic support resources to residents.  Each RARC has an assigned Academic Peer Mentor (APM) who is available to provide extensive services to meet the academic needs of students in the residence hall.

RARC Locations

Residence Hall
RARC Locations
Centennial Hall Conference Room
Conklin North Computer Lab
Falcon Heights Conference Room
Founders Room 145
Room 126 A
Kreischer Ashley
Room 126 B
Kreischer Batchelder Room 126 B
Kreischer Compton Room 126 D
Kreischer Darrow Room 126 D
Kohl Room 34
McDonald Room 1118
Offenhauer Room 143W

Academic Peer Mentor

Academic Peer Mentor (APM) an undergraduate staff member of the Office of Residence Life who is available to assist students in the Residential Academic Resource Center (RARC) Sunday through Thursday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The APM serves as an academic expert helping students to navigate the academic aspect of college by providing guidance, support and programming for their assigned residence hall.  An APM can help students plan for future semesters, review class syllabus, set-up an advising appointment, identify time management and stress relief techniques and connect students with other resources: tutors, teaching assistants, professors, the Learning Commons, etc.

Academic Peer Mentor Services

An APM serves as  resource and can help students with the following:

  • Locate their Academic Advisor
  • Set-up advising appointments
  • Read and review class syllabus
  • Review the Degree Audit (DARS) system
  • Review the course catalogue
  • Prove time management techniques
  • Provide stress relief techniques
  • Prepare to meet with a professor
  • Make referrals to tutors and teaching assistants
  • Make referrals to the Learning Commons
  • Make referrals to the Career Center
An APM is available in a RARC from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Sunday-Thursday.