Move-In Tips

Moving can be one of the most exciting and nerve-racking experiences someone goes through. We know there is a lot on your mind and it may seem like more information is thrown your way every day. We hope this list can help you drown out the noise so you can focus on getting everything squared away before your big move.

If you have any questions before you move-in please contact the Office of Residents Life.

Move-in Tips

1. Find your Arrival Time and Route

You can now download your Move-in Packet here. You will want to make sure you download the packet that best describes you. Your arrival time and driving route will be included.

2. Did you Pack what you need?

Check out our Packing List to make sure you have everything that you need. If you will be living in Centennial Hall, Falcon Heights or Founders Hall, there are few extra items you should pack:

  • Shower Curtain
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bathroom Cleaning Supplies


All beds are the same size and come equipped with a loft kit at BGSU. Our mattresses are 36"x80"x7", which is considered an extra-long twin, and our standard loft height is 72” tall (floor to the top of the bed) with 57” of clearance under the bed. 

Before move-in, all beds are set to the standard loft height because it’s most popular among students.* The standard setting is tall enough to fit a desk, chair and tall dresser, but not set to the very top setting.

Animated image of a bed with the dimensions 72" and 57"
Standard Loft Height (57" clearance under the bed)


We know the standard loft height is not a perfect fit for everyone; if you wish to adjust the height of your bed, you can do so when you arrive at your residence hall during move-in by going to the front desk.

*ADA rooms and Falcon Heights single bedrooms will be set to the standard bed height.

4. Don't Pack Unwanted Roommates

To avoid bringing unwanted roommates with you to campus, we recommend storing items in areas less likely to be homes to insects. If you have to store items in a garage, basement or attic, try to place items in airtight containers.

We do inspections all summer long but we will have over 6,000 students moving over the course of a week. If you see an insect, do your part and report it IMMEDIATELY. It's an online form and can be found here:

5. Confirm your Housing Assignment

You should reconfirm your housing assignment on your MyBGSU Account before you come to campus. Some assignments may have changed, especially if you filled out the Room Change Request Form after room selection. To view your assignment online:

  • Login to your MyBGSU Account
  • Hover over the 'Students' tab
  • Select 'Housing and Residence Life' tab and and the top of the screen, you will see your assignment.

6. Unpack Items From Original Packaging BEFORE Coming To Campus

Space will be VERY limited in your room during move-in. We recommend unpacking items from the original packaging BEFORE you head to campus. Not only does the boxes and excessive packing materials take up a lot of room ... It will take longer to unpack and you will have to break everything down and take it out to recycling. 

We also recommend...

  1. Limiting yourself to only packing what can fit in one car, not van. 
  2. Say goodbye to your friends and relatives at home and only bringing a couple of people with you who can help you move in. 

7. Be Patient

Don't forget to pack your patience. Our Move-In Process has been strategically planned out but there will be times you will be waiting and walking long distances. Do your part to make sure everything runs smoothly by following your driving route at all times when you are on campus.

8. Have your BGSU ID Ready

When you go through drive-thru check-in, you will have to show your BGSU ID if you have one, or a state issued photo ID. If you have not received your BG1 card yet, you will get yours during check-in.


BGTV is not your parent's cable provider. BGSU is now streaming BGTV to your room and your mobile device so you can watch your favorite shows ANYTIME, ANYWHERE on campus. Learn more about this service here and how you can enhance your viewing experience.

10. Download the Navigate App

This nifty app transforms your phone into your tour guide throughout your BGSU Career. Among many awesome features, Navigate can help you get to your classes the first week of school. Download Navigate today and set out on your journey.

11. Create a Family Communication Plan

It may take some time getting into a new routine during the first few weeks of college. It's a good idea to go over the following as a family before move-in day so everyone is on the same page, and have something to look forward to:

  1. How frequently do you want to connect with each other?
  2. Do you want to schedule a specific day of the week to touch base?
  3. Is texting okay or would you like a phone call home/from home?
  4. Plan a family visit to BGSU. Homecoming and Family Weekend is only a few weekends after move-in which is a great time for students to show off their new home and introduce the friends they have made.

We recommend families come visit their students, rather than students going home the first two months of school. We find students are able to combat homesickness quicker and are more likely to complete their first year at BGSU if they follow this advice. 


12. Fall Welcome Event Schedule

Opening Weekend is an event for first-year and transfer students and serves as a comprehensive introduction to the academic and social environment at the University. There are also many events happening all week long.

Please note: Details about Fall Welcome have been delayed due to COVID-19. Once we hear official details, we will include them here. 

13. Dining During Opening Week

Dining Services is not operated through the Office of Residence Life. For any dining questions you have, please reach out to at 419-372-7933.

Dining Services Website

14. Consider Banking with PNC

You may have a bank back home but some find it nice to also be a member of a local bank. You never know when you may need to actually go in and talk to someone. PNC supports the campus banking program and they have a branch located inside the Student Union. You can't get more convenient than that! 

During move-in, you will see PNC representatives stationed around campus to discuss any financial concerns you may have, or to help establish a bank account if one is needed.  

A few items to know about our campus bank:

  • There are seven PNC ATMs on main campus
    • Student Union – 3 ATMs
    • McDonald Hall
    • Kreischer Quadrangle
    • Founders Hall
    • Wooster Street
  • The branch in the Student Union is open between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Students can choose to turn their BG1 Card into their ATM card by linking to their PNC Bank Account
  • Parents: PNC also offers Virtual Wallet Student which features alerts that can give you an insight into their account while still letting them figure things out on their own.

Learn More About PNC