Early Move-In


Fee: $150 per day prior to your official Move-In Day

Personal early move-in requests are intended for any on-campus resident who needs to return one or two days before their official Move-in day. These requests should be made due to exceptional circumstances which prevent you from arriving on your scheduled date.

The Office of Residence Life will try to accommodate these requests; however, in some cases, students may need to be housed in temporary assignments if your room assignment is not ready. The earliest a student can move in is Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

Please note: Charges for Personal Early Arrival will be placed on the student’s Bursar account after Move-In.


Early Move-in is available in select buildings and space is limited. To make your request, complete the Early Move-in Request Form. There is a fee for moving in before your assigned Move-In Day. The fee is based on the date you request. Please review the following carefully to calculate the total fee you will be charged for your Early Move-In Day. If approved,  charges will be placed on the student's Bursar account after move-in.

Early Move-in Request Form

We will accept requests up to the day before the early move-in date.

New & Transfer Student Fees

  • Aug. 21 - 22 | $150 per day prior to your official Move-In Day

Tuesday, Aug. 21 | $300 - $150 per day for Tuesday and Wednesday

Wednesday, Aug. 22 | $150 - $150 for Wednesday

Returning Student Fees

  • Aug. 21 - 24 | $150 per day prior to your official Move-In Day

Tuesday, Aug. 21 | $625 - $150 per day for Tuesday-Friday, $25 for Saturday

Wednesday, Aug. 22 | $475 - $150 for Wednesday-Friday, $25 for Saturday

Thursday, Aug. 23 | $325 - $150 for Thursday and Friday, $25 for Saturday

Friday, Aug. 24 | $175 - $150 for Friday and $25 for Saturday

Saturday, Aug. 25 | $25 - Limited slots available. First come, first served.


Returning students can request to move-in one day early, Saturday Aug. 25, and receive a discounted rate of $25 for the day.

There will be a limited number of students who will be approved to move in on Saturday, August 25 at a reduced rate of $25. This is on a first come, first served basis and returning students need to fill out the early request form to be considered.

Students who need to Move-in early to work or have training for an on-campus job or organization, or other University sponsored events, please contact your supervisor or program director to coordinate your early move-in.

Approval Process

After submitting your request, you will receive an email confirming that the request was received. A second BGSU email will be sent to notify you when the request has been approved. Requests will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Helpful tip: Wait to make your travel arrangements until AFTER you are approved.