Early Move-In

We are no longer accepting Early Arrival Requests.

Students who need to Move-In Early to work or have training for an on-campus job or organization, or other University sponsored events, please contact your supervisor or program director to coordinate your Early Move-In Day.

Returning Students Early Arrival - SATURDAY, AUGUST 19

Fee: $25

The assigned Move-In Day for Returning Students is Sunday, August 20. Returning Students can request to move-in early for a fee. There will be a limited number of students who will be approved to move in on Saturday, August 19 at a reduced cost of $25. This is on a first come, first served basis and Returning Students need to follow the Personal Early Arrival process in order to be considered. Charges for Personal Early Arrival will be placed on the student’s Bursar account after Move-in.

To request Personal Early Arrival, follow the Early Move-In Request process below.

Personal Early move-in requests

Fee: $150 per day prior to your official Move-In Day

Personal Early Arrival is intended for continuing and incoming students who need to return one or two days before their official Move-In day. These requests should be made due to exceptional circumstances which prevent you from arriving on your scheduled date.

The Office of Residence Life will try to accommodate these requests; however, in some cases, students may need to be housed in temporary assignments if your room assignment is not ready. The earliest a student can move in is Tuesday, August 15, 2017. Charges for Personal Early Arrival will be placed on the student’s Bursar account after Move-In.

Request an Early Move-In Day

Early Move-In is available in select buildings and space is limited. To make your request, complete the Early Arrival Form. Please note: Your BGSU login information is required to make this request.  

Approval Process

After submitting your request, students will receive an email confirming that the request was received. A second BGSU email will be sent to notify you when the request has been approved. Requests will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Helpful tip: Wait to make your travel arrangements until AFTER you are approved.