2020 Reopening Plan FAQs

We have created this web page to be a resource for residential students and their families. We are including all of the most frequently asked questions on the page. Some of the questions we have answers to already. Others, we are working on getting these answers for you. Either way, if you see your question listed below, you can be ensured we are working on getting that information.


Our plan is to have all of these questions answered by July 15. If you do not see your question, please submit it to reslife@bgsu.edu. We will also list the most recent move-in updates on our Move-in Guide webpage

2020 Reopening Plan

Life on campus you need to be aware of. Due to the inherent risks community living will present, it is necessary for us to adjust our move-in plan and revise our housing policies and procedures to adapt to the on-going pandemic.

Please review the entire plan with your family.

2020 Reopening Plan


Move-in will now take place between Aug. 20 – 25.

  • New students can reserve their move-in time for Aug. 20 – 22
  • Returning students can reserve their move-in time for Aug. 23 – 24

Yes. You will have the opportunity to reserve your move-in day and time based on your class standing. If you have a conflict with a move-in day assigned to your class standing, we are working on a plan for you. 

Final move-in details will be available by July 15.

This information will be available on our move-in web page by July 15 and you will be able to schedule an appointment after that time.

We are working with groups and organizations that typically move-in early to determine how they wish to proceed under the new academic calendar. Updates will be provided by your organization/group director as it relates to your move-in time.

If you have specific questions about the program you are involved with, please reach out directly to the program director. This information is typically included on the web page or in a past email correspondence you received when you joined the program. 

Each student will sign up for their own move-in appointment independently on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be 10 appointments available per time slot, per building. You may coordinate with your roommate to sign up for similar or identical appointments according to availability. 

This process will be outlined on the move-in web page by July 15 and information will be sent to your BGSU email address.

We will be allowing no more than 10 students to sign up per hour, per building. Times will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. This process will be outlined on the move-in web page by July 15 and information will be sent to your BGSU email address.

You are asked to complete your moving process in no more than two hours when you arrive at your residence hall.

To limit the number of people entering our residence halls during move-in, at no point should you ever have more than one guest in the building at the same time.

  • You can bring multiple people to campus with you, but only one guest will be permitted to enter the building with you at a time.
  • You are only permitted to rotate between two guests over the course of move-in day. 
  • Guests must be accompanied by you at all times. 
  • After you move-in, you will need to follow the guest process. 

The decision to limit guests during move-in is not intended to protect students from their family members. It has been put in place to protect the entire residential population. Over the course of six days, we will have 6,000 students move into our buildings. If everyone rotates between two guests, it adds up to 18,000 people – not including University staff. In order to keep up with the cleaning requirements needed for the doors, bathrooms and to disinfect move-in carts and other high traffic areas, we need to limit the number of people entering our buildings.

No. In an effort to minimize physical contact and proximity with others, there will be no volunteers available to assist this year. Move-in boxes and rollers will be located outside of each residence hall to assist with your move.

Please note: These items will need to be sanitized by Campus Operations staff after each. You may also need to wait for carts to become available because sanitation will take some time between use.

We advise you not to bring anything that requires more than two people to carry, as you are only permitted one guest in the building during move-in. You could either bring the item to school at a later date after move-in week has concluded or refrain from bringing the item.

Please note: After you move-in, guests and visitors will not be permitted until after Sept. 8.


Yes. You will need to complete the COVID-19 Student Action Plan. This will be located in your Housing and Meal Plan Application and will be available by noon on July 1. You will have until noon on July 15 to complete it. Completion of the plan is required before you can move into your residence hall room.

We have implemented a one-time, 2020-21 COVID-19 Housing Appeal Process for students who no longer wish to live on campus due to COVID-19 reasons. If you would like to cancel your housing contract, you will need to complete the appeal by noon on Thursday, July 16.


Students with roommates and suite-mates will be treated as a single household and as a result will not need to wear a face covering while inside their on-campus room. Residents, staff, guests and visotrs are expected to wear cloth face coverings in all common areas of the residence hall, which is considered to be any area outside of their room or suite within the residence hall.

Yes. This is the requirement. If a student does not follow this requirement, they will be subject to policies outlined in the BGSU Code of Student Conduct.

If you are being tested for COVID-19 or have been confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 while living on campus, you will be required to isolate for as long as deemed necessary based on the current guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Wood County Health Department of Ohio.

If you are required to isolate while living on campus:

  • You will not be permitted to stay in your room.
  • You will need to return to your permanent home address or find an off campus location. If this is not possible, we will assist you in finding an off-campus accommodation.

See our isolation process for more details.

You may be required to follow the isolation process if your roommate or one of your suitemates are being tested for COVID-19 or have confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. The decision on whether or not isolation will be required will be based upon recommendations by the Wood County Health Department at the time.  See the answer to the question above for more details. 

No. We will not charge you an additional fee. However, it's preferred that students isolate at their permanent home address or with a close friend or relative. 


Yes. But in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the following guest and visitor processes have been implemented:

  • Move-in – Sept. 8 | Guests and visitors will not be permitted
  • Starting on Sept. 9:
    • You will be allowed to have visitors as outlined in the BGSU Community Living Standards (pages 12 – 13)
    • Guests will be allowed but you must sign them in at the front desk anytime they are in the residence hall
  • Guest = Non-BGSU student.
  • Visitor = BGSU student not assigned to the residence hall/room being visited.
  • Guests and visitors are subject to the same rules, regulations and expectations as a resident, and the host is responsible for informing their guests of the rules, regulations and expectations in advance.
  • Roommates reserve the right to reasonably refuse guests or visitors at any time.
  • You should review the entire BGSU Community Living Standards document prior to move-in. Guest and visitor policies are outlined on pages 12 – 13.

Yes. We do not have this process updated yet but we will have a process available for students to request to stay on campus.


  • Can I move-in earlier than Aug. 20?
  • What happens if I sign up for a move-in time but I end up arriving on campus early or late?
  • I can’t move-in until after classes begin. What should I do?
  • Will housing fees be discounted due to the adjustment of the academic calendar?*
  • If the university closes during the semester, will I receive a housing refund?*
  • Are classes going to be all online or will some be in-person?*

*This question requires an overall University decision, but we are working on getting this answer.

Don't see your question listed above? Our plan is to have all of your questions answered by July 15. If you do not see your question, please submit it to reslife@bgsu.edu. If a lot of people are asking the same question, we will add it to this page so everyone can see the answer.