Educators in Context and Community


The Educators in Context and Community (ECCO) learning community is for all educations majors that want to distinguish themselves from the thousands of graduating teachers who annually enter a highly competitive job market. ECCO is considered to be one of the most progressive and promising teacher preparation programs in the country.

ECCO 1Opportunities

ECCO begins your first semester in college and jump starts students into a career. Beginning the third week of classes, students will enter a real classroom and work alongside experienced teachers and their students.


  • Take your Education classes to prepare you for how to teach
  • Take your “content” classes to prepare you for what to teach
  • Take ECCO to prepare you for who you will be teaching
  • As you progress in ECCO, you will gain experience in three contexts--urban, rural, and suburban communities
  • Participate in funded, annual trips to Chicago or Stratford
  • Trips to local museums/attractions

Statistics and Information:

  • Location (and hall to live in) | McDonald Hall
  • Fees | $200 per semester

For additional details visit the Educators in Context & Community website or call 419-372-9443.