Housing Sign-Up FAQs

New Student Frequently Asked Questions

General Housing

Students can review the Housing Options page for information on residence halls to help choose the hall that best fits their needs.

If a student is already admitted to BGSU, they should make their $200 initial housing payment as soon as possible. Residence Life has a variety of rooms that meet a wide variety of needs and are assigned based on when a student made their payment. 

Special Accomodations

The Office Accessibility Services and the Office of Residence Life work together to coordinate housing accommodations for students with disabilities and chronic health conditions. If a student would like to request a housing accommodation based on these reasons, they first must be registered with Accessibility Services and then fill out the Specialized Housing Accommodations Form –Due May 31– and return it one of three ways:

Mail | Accessibility Services; 28 College Park; Bowling Green, OH 43403
Email | access@bgsu.edu
Fax | 419-372-8496

For any other specific type of housing request, please contact Residence Life for assistance.

Housing Deferral

If a student needs assistance in paying the $200 initial housing payment can contact the Office of Admissions at 419-372-2478 to discuss housing deferral options.

Prior to 9 a.m. on May 17, and after the selection time, students can go back into the system and select a different room. 

To do this, the student must first cancel his/her current assignment and then find a new assignment. IMPORTANT: When a student cancels their current room assignment, there is no guarantee they will be able to get back into that same room and building if the student wishes to return to the same room.

After May 17 at 9 a.m., students must complete the room change request form. Please note, this form will not be open until after May 19 for new students.

You are not able to access your assigned room prior to Move-in, as your room is home to another student during the current school year and buildings are closed throughout the summer for cleaning, upgrades and repairs. During orientation and registration (SOAR), you may have a chance to see a room that is similar to the one you will be residing.

Visit our Housing Options page for information and floor plans of each of our residence halls.

A limited number of singles are available. First-year student singles are offered in Offenhauer, Centennial Hall, Founders, Falcon Heights and McDonald. Availability varies each semester. 

Offenhauer and McDonald Hall are the only halls with "true" singles, meaning students do not share any of the space with another student. The other residence halls have single rooms but they are grouped together by a common space so they have suite-mates.

FALL SEMESTER | Students moving in for the upcoming Fall Semester will receive additional information about their assigned move-in day and time over the summer. They can review the Move-in Page for information from last year to get an idea about how move-in is structured.

SPRING SEMESTER | Students moving in for the first time during the Spring Semester who are attending SOAR, can move in on their SOAR date. Students who are not attending SOAR can move in starting at Noon any time the Sunday prior to classes.

Housing Payments

Yes. The payment date –not payment time– will be the priority marker that Residence Life uses to assign room selection times. The longer the student waits to make their payment once admitted, the later their room selection time will be. Meaning, more people will have the opportunity to select a room before the student and they will less likely to get their preferred hall.

New and transfer students are given the opportunity to pick their actual hall and room. This allows students to have more control over their housing assignment and they can choose the experience they want to have at BGSU, which also includes the opportunity to select your own roommate.

Yes, absolutely. The $200 initial housing payment is fully refundable until May 1. Once a student is admitted to BGSU, we strongly encourage them to make their initial housing payment as soon as possible to “secure” your payment date. The payment date is important because it is the priority marker that Residence Life uses to assign room selection times in May.

You must contact the Office of Residence Life directly at 419-372-2011 or reslife@bgsu.edu prior to June 1 to receive your full $200 refund. After this date, you must still contact our office to cancel your housing. Review the refund policy and forfeiture schedule.

Student e-bills will be generated July 1 with a due date of July 15. Students who fail to make financial arrangements by August 15 will not be permitted to move into their residence hall and their classes will be cancelled.

NEW STUDENTS | New and transfer students who can prove financial support is needed should contact the Office of Admissions at 419-372-2478 to discuss housing deferral options.

SCHOLARSHIP ATHLETES | New, transfer and returning BGSU athletes on scholarship should contact Student Financial Aid at 419-372-2651 to discuss financial arrangements.

Roommate Selection

The system only allows students to self select one roommate.  

The system only allows students to self select one roommate. If a room is available that has an option for more than one roommate, we recommend that the student who has the earliest housing selection time, self select the roommate who has the latest housing selection time. Then the third student will need to know what room to select during their housing selection time.

It is important to note that this will not guarantee that all three students will get the same room assignment. The third space in the room will be available to all students to select until it is filled. So there is a possibility that the last bed could be selected by a student prior to the third student's housing selection time.

Please note: There are only 15 three-person rooms in Centennial Hall and limited first-year rooms in Falcon Heights. It is important to have a backup plan if your first choice is not available during your housing selection time. There are Economy Triple options available in Centennial Hall which are different than the three-person rooms. Learn more about the Economy Triple option here.

Starting in January, we invite all students who have made their initial $200 initial housing payment to start the process of using a roommate search tool in the housing system. This tool allows students to search for a roommate of their choice. 

This is not a required step, but based on the Lifestyle Questionnaire –and additional information the student chooses to provide– they will be able to search for possible roommate matches.

If a student doesn’t want to choose their own roommate, they will easily be able to select a room during the housing selection timeline (beginning in May) with another student who also did not want to select a roommate.

On May 17 the new student self-selection shuts down. If a student wants to request a roommate after this date, they will need to call to request a roommate change. Students must complete the change request process found here submit the roommate request form.

Learning Communities

We encourage all students to make their $200 initial housing payment as soon as they are admitted to BGSU. Students who are members of a Learning Community usually means they know which residence hall they will live in. However, when it comes to roommate selection and the type of room (single vs. double) the student wants, it will be important that they have started the housing process early. The earlier the student pays, the more likely they will get the room preferences they want inside the Learning Community.

All Gender Housing

All Gender Housing is a housing option created to foster an inclusive, safe and respectful community where students can live together with any student regardless of sex, gender, gender identity/expression or sexual orientation. Students can learn more on the All Gender Housing page.

All Gender Housing

Any student who is eligible to live on campus, and interested in living in AGH, has the option to live here. AGH is never forced upon any student. The community is completely voluntary, with students opting in.

Please note: The Office of Residence Life discourages individuals in romantic relationships from living together, as that is not the purpose of AGH.

The Office of Residence Life does not pair roommates in AGH. Students requesting to live in a double room will need to request a specific roommate. If a student does not specify their roommate in the application, they will be assigned to a single room.

The Office of Residence Life will match suitemates with other students if space in a suite is available. If a six person suite cannot be filled based on requests, Residence Life reserves the right to assign students to single rooms vs. double rooms.

Once room assignments are completed, if a space becomes vacant in the suite or room due to cancellation or room change, the remaining student(s) will be allowed a specified time to find a roommate of their choice. If a roommate cannot be found, the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to consolidate All Gender Housing suites. Consolidation will occur during the normally scheduled times. No student will be forced into a All Gender Housing room/suite. A student will only be assigned to AGH after filling out the application and applying, even under consolidation processes.

There are no additional costs to live in AGH. The cost of AGH will be the same cost of a room in Founders Hall and varies depending on whether a single or double room is assigned. If a student wants to remove themselves from AGH, they will need to complete the standard room change procedures.

No. Space is limited so it is very important that students who wish to live in AGH follow the steps on this page to increase their chance to be place in AGH.

Yes. Students need to log in to their MyBGSU Housing System and confirm their room and select a meal plan.

During the selection time, students can cancel their room selection and pick another room outside of All Gender Housing.

If a student missed the deadline and still interested in All Gender Housing, they should contact Dr. Josh Lawrie in the Office of Residence Life at jlawrie@bgsu.edu.

Please note: Students who missed the deadline, are not guaranteed placement in All Gender Housing. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and as space allows

Additional Questions

Transfer students will be able to sign up within the housing system as soon as they are admitted to BGSU and are encouraged to live in on-campus housing as they transition to BGSU. Special communications to transfer students will be sent during the spring with special details and opportunities for transfers to live in several buildings where upper-class students often live.

If a student forgets their username or password, or if it is not working, they can contact Technology Support Center (TSC). For assistance, student should have their University ID Number available and call 419-372-0999.

Helpful tip: Students will need to have created their BGSU username and password at least 24 hours prior to submitting your housing preferencesstarting their application.