Housing Sign-Up FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Your payment date (not payment time) will be the priority marker that Residence Life uses to assign room selection times.  The longer you wait to make your payment once admitted, the later your room selection time will be and more people will have the opportunity to select a room before you. Additionally, you will be less likely to get your preferred community.

Beginning with the first-year students entering in August 2015, Residence Life has changed the housing sign-up process for new students to be similar to what returning students have experienced for many years.  New students are now given the opportunity to pick their actual building/room instead of having Residence Life pick one for them.  Students are given the choice and control over their housing assignment, and can make the best decision about the experience they want to have at BGSU, which also includes the opportunity to select your own roommate.

Yes, absolutely.  Your payment is fully refundable until June 1.  Once you’re admitted to BGSU, we strongly encourage you to make your initial housing payment as soon as possible to “secure” your payment date.  As mentioned above, the date that you make your initial payment will be the priority marker that Residence Life uses to assign room selection times for you to actually pick your room later in the process (spring semester).

We encourage all students to make their initial housing payment as soon as they are admitted to BGSU.  Being a member of a Learning Community usually means you know which residence hall you will live in.  However, when it comes to your roommate selection and type of room (single vs. double) it will be important that you have started the housing process early so that you are given a room selection time and can choose the type of room in the learning community that you prefer.

Starting in January 2015, Residence Life will invite all students who have made their initial $200 housing payment to start the process of using a roommate search tool in the housing system to search for a roommate of their choice.  This is not a required step, but based on the Lifestyle questions you will have already answered and additional information you may choose to provide, we have found that the majority of students like having input on to who they live with.  If you end up not having a roommate choice, you will still easily be able to select a room during the building selection timeline (beginning in early May) with another student who also did not want to search for a roommate.

Transfer students will be able to sign up within the housing system as soon as they are admitted to BGSU and are encouraged to live on-campus as they transition to BGSU.   Special communications to transfer students will be sent during the spring with special details and opportunities for transfers to live in several buildings where upper-class students often live.

If already admitted to BGSU, go ahead and make your initial housing payment as soon as possible.  Residence Life has a variety of rooms that may meet your needs and are assigned based on when you made your payment.  If your request is for a medical condition or disability, you will also need to contact the Office of Accessibility Services in order to complete documentation regarding your housing accommodation and what is required for you to live on campus at BGSU.  For any other specific type of housing request, please contact Residence Life for assistance.

Students can review the Guide to Student Housing booklet or visit our Housing Options page for information on residence halls and choosing the hall that best fits your needs.

Technology Support Center (TSC) can reset your password if it is not working or you have forgotten it. For assistance, contact TSC at 419-372-0999. Have your University ID # available when calling.
*You will need to have created your BGSU user name and password at least 24 hours prior to submitting your housing preferences. You can create your user name now.

1. You may not have properly enrolled in the community. To do so, visit the Residential Learning Communities website and click on the community you want to enroll in.

2. If you have enrolled successfully, your community leader may not have approved your admittance yet into the community. You may need to contact the community leader to ensure this step has been completed. They will then contact us and your housing selections options will be updated. You may also contact us if you continue to have any issues.

The roommate step is shut off, so students need to call to request a roommate change.  Students must complete the change request process found here.

Prior to May 19 at 9 a.m. and after the selection time, the student can go back into the system select a different room.  To do this the student must first cancel his/her current assignment and then find a new assignment.  It is important for the student to realize, if he/she cancels his/her current assignment, there is no guarantee he/she will be able to get back into that same room or building if the student wish to return to the same room.

After May 19 at 9 p.m., students must complete the room change request process found here.

You must contact the Office of Residence Life directly at 419-372-2011 or reslife@bgsu.edu prior to June 1 to receive your full $200 refund. After this date, you must still contact our office to cancel your housing. Review the refund policy and forfeiture schedule.

You are not able to access your assigned room prior to Move-In, as your room is home to another student during the current school year and buildings are closed throughout the summers for cleaning, upgrades and repairs. During orientation and registration (SOAR), you may have a chance to see a room that is similar to the one in which you will be residing.

Visit our Housing Options page for information and floor plans for each of our residence halls.

If you are an incoming fall semester student, you will receive additional information about your assigned move-in day and time next summer.

If you are an incoming spring semester student attending SOAR you can move in on your SOAR date.  If you are not attending SOAR you can move in any time on Sunday, January 8, 2017 after Noon.

Student e-bills will be generated July 1 with a due date of July 15. Failure to make financial arrangements by August 15 will result in your inability to move into your residence hall and your classes being cancelled.

All Athletes:
New and returning BGSU athletes should contact Student Financial Aid at 419-372-2651 to discuss financial arrangements.

New students : New freshmen and transfer students who can prove financial support is needed should contact the Office of Admissions to request assistance.

A limited number of designed singles are available. First-year student singles are offered in Offenhauer and Centennial Hall. Availability varies each semester.