BLOG TOPIC: Which residence hall is the best hall to live in?

Every year, students ask which hall is the "best hall" to live in. The truth is, it depends on your individual preferences and needs. Price, amenities, location and more should be considered and we can't answer what is right for you. Below you will find advice from BGSU students on this topic.

The student advice on this page was written by Residence Life Student Hall Ambassadors. Their advice is their personal opinions but content has been edited for accuracy. The opinions of these students do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BGSU or the Office of Residence Life. For the most up-to-date information about dates and processes, please go to

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McDonald Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Defiance, Ohio . Education Major .

When you ask an incoming freshman which building they want to live in, they will most likely say Centennial, because of the private bathrooms and the air conditioning. When it comes down to the best hall it comes from your own perspective.

When I was first deciding on a dorm, I originally was preferencing Conklin or Offenhauer, because they both have air conditioning in the rooms. But after looking into learning communities, I decided to join one in McDonald and it ended up a much better fit for me.

After moving in I realized it sucked when it was hot, but the friends I made because of the heat balanced that out. I know if I was in Conklin or Offenhauer I would have locked myself in my room and wouldn't have left the air conditioning. So although McDonald’s rooms are not air conditioned common areas in the building are so there are places to cool off and hang out with your friends.

I also really was worried about not having my own bathroom. I was hoping somehow, some way I would end up with my own bathroom. Yet, sharing a bathroom is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The best thing about not having my own bathroom is not having to clean it. Living in McDonald is great because the bathrooms are cleaned daily by staff. I absolutely hate cleaning bathrooms. So I was really relieved that I did not have to worry about this hassle while at school.

Overall, every building has its perks and its downfalls. After experiencing and doing research I feel as if I made the best decision for my personal growth. All of the buildings at Bowling Green State University offer many different amenities. To ensure you have the best college experience. Deep dive into the different housing options and find what seems to fit you best (i.e. where its located, what buildings its close to, and how much it will cost). With that information, you will enjoy your time here at BGSU!

Offenhauer Towers Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Toledo, Ohio . VCT Major

When I am giving tours of the residence halls, I get asked “Which hall is the best hall” quite often. I can never answer that question with a one word answer because it depends on what you want in your hall experience. Do you want a private bathroom? Then my answer would be Centennial, Founders, or Falcon Heights. Do you only want to live with first-year students? Well you can choose from Conklin or Centennial. Each of the halls have their own unique features that give them a unique experience. If you want a true college experience, go with Kohl, Kreischer, McDonald, Conklin or Offenhauer, people tend to make more friends when they live in one of these halls.

The best thing to look at is the Hall Comparison on the Res Life website. It breaks down the dorms based on cost, whether or not the hall has A/C, private bathrooms, where it is located, and whether it is first-years only or everybody else.

Offenhauer is great for me because it has the biggest rooms on campus. I had a lot more freedom then the other halls to completely re-arrange the room. It does have a community bathroom which is not that bad. It is cleaned once a day, Monday through Friday. Offenhauer is also really close to the Technology, Psychology, Life Science, and Math Science Buildings. It has four great learning communities such as the Forensic Science Community, Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS), ACTION, and Natural & Health Science Community (NHSRC). Lastly, it is close to the Union, The Oaks for food and has an Outtakes Carryout on the first floor.

As I said before, it depends on the kind of experience you want in your hall life. I love Offenhauer, but it may not be a good fit for somebody who likes to go to the library a lot or has classes on the other side of campus.

For first-years, I highly suggest putting making your $200 initial housing payment as early as possible because room selection times are determined based on the DAY you make your payment and it's refundable through May 1.

I also suggest taking a tour of campus, so you can actually see the residence halls you want to live in. Res Life also has a new feature, the 360 Housing Experience, where you can view of all the rooms. In the end, there is no best hall, it just depends on the experience you want from living in the residence hall.

Falcon Heights Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Ashtabula, Ohio . Biology Major

There are many reasons why tour guides, hall ambassadors, resident advisors, etc. cannot answer the question of “which hall is the best?” it is because every residence hall has something unique to offer. This may include a certain vibe you get when you walk in, a learning community, air conditioning, proximity to classes, proximity to dining, price ranges, and many other options available.

Each residence hall is tailored to fit a student’s lifestyle. It is all about finding what fits best for you and when visiting it becomes a lot easier to find that fit. My suggestion is to see as much as you can when you visit. A visit answers how close things are to each residence hall and a feeling of what it would be like to live on campus and be in these buildings every day. Check out the BGSU Hall Comparison, or ask a current student what they love about each hall on your visit.

Clearly, I am the Hall Ambassador of Falcon Heights and I currently live in Falcon Heights. There are a lot of things I love about this hall; this includes the building layout as a whole - it is easy to navigate, the suite-style rooms are relatively spacious, In each suite has two bathrooms, and a living room. I also like the feeling of the building as you walk in, the staff is welcoming and with the big desk in the center, it is almost as if you are checking into a hotel.

“Which hall is the best?” Well that answer depends on you, what are you looking for?

Centennial Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Mansfield, Ohio . Education Major .

All of the halls have their own special features such as dining halls, mini grocery stores [Outtakes Carryout], great locations, learning communities, and many others. Every time I am giving tours, I hear the same question almost 20 times. “What is the best hall?” What people do not understand is, there is no best hall. Some might say Centennial is the best hall because it has private bathrooms. At the same time, Offenhauer has the biggest rooms, Founders and Falcons you have suitemates and a mini living room and Kreischer gives you a dining area in your hall and it is closest to all the sporting events.

Before coming to BGSU I had to figure out which hall I wanted to live in. I had not even taken a look at the campus before deciding to come here. My cousin goes here, and that was my deciding factor. So when trying to figure out which hall I wanted, I was going entirely off of the pictures and descriptions on the Res Life webpage. So I had decided Centennial Hall seemed like a great place to live because it is a first-year only hall and it has private bathrooms.

The only issue with this is, I didn't pay my initial housing payment until March so I knew my odds of getting in were not high. [New student room selection times are determined based on the day a student makes their $200 initial housing payment] However, while browsing through the BGSU Class of 2022 Facebook page, I found somebody I thought would be a great roommate and we confirmed each other in the roommate system. It turned out, he paid on the first day so we received the same room selection time based on when HE paid, not me.

Before room selection, he told me a little more about the halls because he had already seen the campus and we both really liked the idea of Centennial. When it was our time to select a room, we were lucky because there were still male bedrooms available in Centennial so we got our first choice.

After getting to campus and making some friends in other halls, I got a real look at all of the halls. Reading about them online doesn't give you the whole picture. I've heard people say they are scared to live in McDonald, Kohl or Kreischer because they don't have A/C in the rooms, however this is not a problem after the first few weeks and is easily fixed with a fan in the window. At times, these rooms are cooler than my room in Centennial because of the placement of a fan in the window and doorway!

I preferenced Centennial because of the private bathrooms but after using community bathrooms, I saw they aren't bad at all. (I am actually going to live in a hall with a community bathroom next year.) They get cleaned every day so they are typically cleaner than private bathrooms. They are also stocked with handsoap and toilet paper which saves you from buying your own.

Halls with community bathrooms and no A/C in the rooms are also a lot cheaper than Centennial.

It's hard to think there is one hall better than all of the rest, for EVERY student. Every hall on campus is home to its own unique features with pros as well as cons. Everybody wants to believe they have the best room, and in their own way they are right. The best hall just depends on your wants and needs.

Kohl Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Cincinnati, Ohio . Business Major .

When a Future Falcon is determining which hall to live in the following school year, it's common to ask the question of “Which Hall is the Best Hall?”. The honest answer to this question is that each hall has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, which makes it very hard to compare halls with each other and answer this common question.

With that being said, I recommend to evaluate what is important for you in a living facility and start looking for residence halls that fit your must-have list. For me, since I was coming into college knowing no one, I knew that I was seeking community. For that reason, I decided to join Kohl Hall because it has five learning communities and attracts people from different walks of life and interests and joins them together with a common similarity.

For example, I decided to join the La Comunidad Learning Community. This community attracts students from different backgrounds and joins them together due to the mutual interest of the Spanish language and culture. This was a great decision for me because I met most of my friends through the learning community.

As you read this, the biggest point I want you to takeaway is to find the hall that speaks to you personally... not what everyone else tells you is the best. Picking a residence hall might be stressful at first but if you focus on your needs and wants, you will find the perfect and best hall for you. Good Luck!

Kreischer Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Columbus, Ohio . Business Major .

The most common question asked on every tour I have given is, “Which hall is the best on campus?” There is not a good way for me to answer this question because, all the halls have something different and have unique little features that positively impacts an individual. These little things can make a hall feel special or be a favorite to a student, but there isn’t a “best” hall.

Each residence hall offers something different.

  • Kreischer is the only hall to have full-service dining called The Sundial. The Sundial is really convenient to get to, with it being in the middle of the hall and a great place to eat dinner with your friends. Kreischer is also the closets hall to all of the sporting events, rec center and student parking. 
  • Kreischer, Founders and Offenhauer have Outtakes Carryouts inside the halls.
  • Offenhauer Towers is nice because it has the biggest on-campus double bedrooms and have "true" single bedrooms... meaning you don't have to share a space with suite mates. 
  • Conklin and Centennial are both first-year only halls and have A/C in the rooms. This means, you won’t be hot the first three weeks of school in your hall and the person living next to you is going through the same situations most first-year students go through. But I live in a hall without A/C in the room and it's not that bad. After a few weeks you don't need it anymore and I don't have to pay as much because of it.
  • Founders is home to the Honors Learning Community and most of the rooms are reserved for their members. Returning students have a better chance to live in Founders if they are not a member of HLC. Founders also has a mix of suite-style layouts which are double rooms and in-room layouts which are single bedrooms.
  • Falcon Heights has some rooms held for first-year students but is largely occupied by returning students. It is close to the Math and Science buildings so if you are in a major that requires you to take a lot of math and science courses, it would be convenient for you.
  • Most of the Learning communities are located inside Kohl, Kreischer, Offenhauer and McDonald. 75% of students will live in one of these halls so the odds are, you will be living next to a community... might as well join one and get the benefits.

Everyone is different and will have different opinions. In every hall, you will hear someone say they love their BGSU home because of the unique features and what they made of it.

Conklin Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Minerva, Ohio . Business Major . 

It’s a question asked at least once on every tour date, “Which hall do you think is the best at BG?” And I can't answer it. They are all different and have unique little touches about them that make every one of them special and a favorite to one student, but I can't say one is better than all the rest.

Each residence hall at BGSU offers something different:

  • Conklin and Centennial are both really nice because they are first-year only halls, so you know the person living next to you is going through the same experience you are.
  • Kreischer is nice because it is the only hall with a full-service dining hall, The Sundial. The Sundial is really convenient located in Kreischer and they also have an Outtakes Carryout. 
  • Offenhauer Towers are nice because they have the biggest on-campus traditional double bedrooms. 
  • Centennial and Falcon Heights both have private bathrooms inside the room. 
  • Conklin has wood floors and air conditioning. 
  • Falcon Heights and Founders allows you to live with more people because they have suite-style layouts. 
  • Offenhauer, Kreischer, McDonald, Founders and Kohl hall all have Learning Communities inside them so it is an easy way to get to know each other faster and meet more people inside of your major. 

See, each residence hall has little things about them that makes each and every one of them special to the people who get to live in them. You’ll often hear the people who live in each hall say that their hall is the best, don’t be fooled they’re all the best.

I live in Conklin and personally love it. It is very close to a good portion of campus. I am about a three minute walk away from the business building which is where a lot of my classes are since I am a business student. I also am involved in Greek Life on campus, and the Greek Village is right behind Conklin! It is about a two minute walk for me to get to my chapter house whenever we have meetings and events. I am also close to Carillon and The Sundial which are two places to dine on campus. I am also about a five to seven minute walk away from the Union.

Another thing that is nice about Conklin is the wood floors in every room. It makes keeping my floor clean a lot easier than having carpet. A quick run of a Swiffer and my floor is clean! I also like that Conklin is a first-year only dorm because I am not intimidated after moving in about living next to a Junior or a Sophomore who knows what they’re doing. I know that, unless I live right next to the Resident Advisor, the person in the room right next to me is going through the same new experience that I am.

Founders Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Sylvania, Ohio . Physics Major .

When you're on tour at BGSU, you may be tempted to ask the tour guides “Which hall is the best hall?” This is a very tricky question for them to answer as each hall has something unique to it and each has different qualities. If you are trying to find the best fit for you, make a pro-con list for the halls you’re interested in. Things to consider would be learning communitieshall pricesstyle of room, proximity to different parts of campus, and anything else you find important about campus living.

I love where I live and I know other students in other halls love where they live. I am currently in Founders, so I can give you some insights: 

  • Home of the Honors College & Honors Learning Community (Offices on Ground Floor)
  • Separate mailboxes for each resident
  • Close to downtown and to most of the dining on campus
  • Many lounges and study areas
  • Suite-style layouts for the double rooms and In-room Bathroom layouts in the single rooms
  • If you are a first-year student, almost all of the rooms available in Founders are reserved for Honors Learning Community members.

It’s all about finding what will fit with what you're looking for. When you come to visit, try to tour as many buildings as possible so you can get a feel for the rooms and the building as a whole. The tour guides can give you information about each hall. If you live too far to visit, you can use the new 360 Housing Experience to virtually tour the halls and rooms. It is then up to you to find your fit.

Whichever hall you choose, you can make it the best by embracing all of its qualities. Personalize your room, meet people in your hall, participate in hall and campus events to really get your first year started right. I hope you all find your home at BGSU!