BLOG TOPIC: Living On Campus

Living on campus has a lot of advantages. The commute to class is much shorter, you are surrounded by students your age, access to resources are at your door step, study groups are easier to form and there are always campus events after class that create a sense of belonging all of which can help you meet your goal of graduating. The following students have lived on campus at least one year. Read their blogs on what they like about living on campus.

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Kohl Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Cincinnati, Ohio . Business Major .

I want to start by saying that I am so grateful to be living on campus because if I did not live on campus, I think I would have been unable to form the friendships that I did. Living on campus helps improve GPA since you live in close proximity to the library, other students, faculty, and your hall-mates. You get to form relationships with your hall-mates since you spend a lot of time with them because both parties are in the same building. Also, you can study together and help each other with school work, such as answering a question over something you did not understand in class.

These reasons are so valid in my life because I came to BGSU without knowing anybody because barely anyone from my high school came to BGSU, and I am the only one of us living in Kohl Hall.

In Kohl Hall, I have been able to form friendships with my hall-mates living around me. They have not only become my best friends but they also were in the same learning community as me, which helped us become even closer friends.

In Kohl Hall, there are so many activities, especially hosted my Hall Council, where my friends and I are able to hang out, study, and make many memories together every day at Kohl, which is really cool.

Also, living on campus, especially living on Kohl Hall, helps you be in walking distance from the library and academic buildings. This is very helpful because if you need help with academics, not only can you go to the library and get tutored, but you can also walk to the offices of professors and advisers to meet with them when you have questions in your assignments, classes, and degree requirements.

Living on campus was one of the best decisions I made in my college career. I could not imagine myself living off campus during my first year of college.

Kreischer Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Columbus, Ohio . Business Major .

There are so many benefits to living on campus. One that puts the icing on the cake for me is getting to meet new people. I was nervous coming to college because I didn't know anyone. I was friends with everyone back at home and then I came to college and knew no one at all. With that being said, living on campus can really help you make friends, at least it did for me.

Living in the largest dorm, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people. living in a hall with so many people, you can easily talk to someone while walking past. People have their doors open which means come and say “hi”. It was really easy to make a few friends.

Another benefit is you are close to the resources on campus. Say you are at your apartment struggling on your math homework, you would have to get up and drive five minutes to campus and find a parking spot (which can take 10 minutes) just to get to the learning commons. It takes a lot more time to get to campus and utilize the wonderful features.

I feel like it is easier for students to skip class due to them having to drive to campus. It is great to live on campus because it can potentially increase grades and success rate just by cutting out traveling to campus.


McDonald Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Defiance, Ohio . Education Major .

When I look back and reflect on my time here at Bowling Green there are so many great moments I have had in my first year that have made living on campus great. Most of them involve my friends in some way, shape, or form. Yet some are because of classes and what BGSU offers to the students. No matter what I am doing on or around campus my time here at Bowling Green has been amazing.

I specifically remember my first day on campus. This was the day I made almost all of best friends here on campus, because of my learning community. By being in a learning community I was able to meet new and current students, but I was able to find people with common interests. Living on campus was one of the best ways to meet new people and to make friends. I was worried coming on campus I would not meet people, but since campus is like home away from home I was able to talk to people and step out of my comfort zone.

Another reason that I really love living on campus is that I am now so close to events on and off campus. BGSU and the Bowen-Thompson Student Union (BTSU) hold amazing events on Fridays for students to hang out and play games. With all of the sporting events on campus my friends and I are able to hang out and have fun during the day. Attending the football and hockey games are some of my favorite things to do with my friends. Yet, I also enjoy being really close to downtown. So if I want to go out on the weekend, I only have a short walk. Other weekends I also enjoy just hanging out in my room watching a movie or in one of the lounges watching tv or playing pool with my friend in the McDonald Social Lounge.

The last reason why I love about living on campus is that it feels like home; specifically McDonald Hall, because all the people that I care for the most are in Mac with me. I love all the memories I was able to make with them in the building (i.e. late nights doing homework, 12 a.m., snowball fights, and the countless laughs that I had with them). McDonald Hall offers so much for students and living here was an actual blessing in disguise. Almost all of my favorite memories from college were made in McDonald Hall.

All in all, I enjoy living here at Bowling Green, because of everything that campus does for their students. The campus is really like home away from home. Whether you're thirty minutes or five hours from campus you are able to make new friends and really find your place here on campus. College is the time in your life to make friends, have fun, and make memories. I was able to make mine in McDonald Hall and at BGSU, that means you can make yours here too!

Offenhauer Towers Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Toledo, Ohio . VCT Major

I’m from Toledo, Ohio which is only 30 minutes north of Bowling Green. When deciding where I wanted to go to college, I had to figure out if I wanted to live on campus or commute to school. I knew wherever I went I should probably live on campus. I just knew if I were to commute, I would not want to drive in bad weather if the school didn’t cancel classes. I would much rather put on a whole bunch of layers and walk to class in the snow, then drive to any campus in the snow. Most schools do not cancel classes unless it is really bad out so I knew it would be better and safer to live on campus. Honestly, BGSU was perfect for me because it was far enough away that I had to live on campus, but close enough that I could still go home on the weekends or work in the Toledo area.

Another reason I chose to live on campus was to make friends. I knew it would be hard to make friends if I just went to class and drove home. I wanted to be on campus, so I could make friends in the residence halls and any organizations I would be apart of. Plus, if I had night classes or club meetings, I wouldn’t have to drive back home in the dark. Living on campus, I just walk back to my hall with a friend from class or the meeting. Living at Offenhauer is another bonus for me because I am right by the Technology building where I have a lot of classes, and I am close to the Union and The Oaks.

One thing that was hard for me was my parents never lived in a hall when they went to college, so I didn’t know what to expect. They both commuted to UT and lived with their parents. When I was packing for college, I would ask them “do I need this” or “should I bring this” and they just looked at me and shrugged their shoulders because they didn’t know. They never experienced life in a dorm, but they knew it would be good for me to live on campus.

After living on campus now for a year and half, I would say my favorite thing about it is the independence. I get to choose where I’ll have dinner or what time I go to bed. I can have my own schedule. I do miss my family and the home cooked meals, but I just like the freedom you get when you live on campus.

Falcon Heights Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Ashtabula, Ohio . Biology Major

I'm glad I decided to live on campus for many reasons. I am from three hours away I think living on campus has provided me with many opportunities to meet new people and to get comfortable with the campus itself.

Living on campus has also provided me with many different experiences. For example, there's always activities going on and it's really convenient when you're already on campus, it's like, “Hey I want to go to this event at 9 o'clock tonight and not make special arrangements because I'm already here.”

The opportunities campus provides includes meeting people you might not have necessarily met if you didn't live on campus. It also provides you with the opportunity of learning how to live with other people both in and out of the room, learning how to respect each other's space and items, plus the people around you such as neighbors/hall mates.

Living on campus teaches you so much more than people even realize, it truly does provide you with that first college experience, and allows you to settle in and get more comfortable with a new setting and a new home.

I love living on campus, especially my current dorm which is Falcon Heights. It is in an ideal location, less that a 5 minute walk to the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, The Oaks Dining Hall, and less than 10 minutes from where my main class buildings are. I also have my own room and bathroom in my suite, so it is almost like living in an apartment and as a sophomore I really enjoy having my own space.

Founders Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Sylvania, Ohio . Physics Major .

One of the biggest decisions besides picking BGSU was deciding if I wanted to live at home or on campus. My home is in Toledo, Ohio, which is only 30 minutes away from campus. This choice was strange because my dad works in Bowling Green very close to campus, so I knew the commute would not be an issue if I decided to stay.

I wanted to leave. The main reason I didn’t stay at home was that I just wanted to leave my house. My family is great, and I loved living at home, but I am an adult. It was time to start doing something for myself to see if I could. I have always been independent, but it was time to start new. College is a new journey; as much of a cliché it is, I was starting a new chapter in my life.

I wanted a new experience. I am an only child, so the only time I’ve had to live in a room with others was during camp or family trips. These were only temporary; I would come back home to my own room. I wanted to see if I could live with someone else. I have a suite-style room in Founders, so I have one roommate and four other suite-mates. This was the first time living in a smaller space with so many people for an extended time and the first time I had so much responsibility.

I wanted to be close to campus. I don’t think I would be a part of as many activities if I was living off campus. It would be more challenging to participate as much as I do. I have joined Hall Council and hold an executive position, I have joined a sorority, and have a job on campus. All three of these things may not have happened (especially hall council) if I had commuted from home. Being on campus allows easy access to professors, resources and the life of campus. I can walk to the dining facilities, sports events, and any other activities different organizations host during the year easily. I love being so close to the life of campus. Living in Founders has helped me achieve all of these. I can go downstairs to meet with my Honors adviser. Also, the Union and the two dining halls are very close to Founders.

I wanted to grow. I felt if I wanted to truly grow more as an individual, I would need to be away from my family. That was scary. I haven’t been without them for more than a week at a time. I didn’t know how much we would miss each other. I miss my family and my dogs. I love when I come home, my dogs get so excited. My parents are too, but they don’t wag or start jumping around. For me to grow more, I knew that I would need separation.

I wanted connections. It’s not the easiest to meet new people and make friends, so I hoped by living with other people it would be a start. Living with five other girls gave me instant friends. I love all of my suite-mates; we understand each other and know when to be helpful and when to let her have her time. By living on campus and participating in opening weekend, I made so many new friends. I have only known them for a semester at this point, but we all have made such a strong bond. Living in a hall allows access to hall events where I could meet others. I would see people from my classes or other organizations. It helped me to develop friendships and stronger connections knowing they were in the same building.

Centennial Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Mansfield, Ohio . Education Major .

Living on campus means many things to me. Not only does it mean I don't have to drive here everyday, but it has given me so many opportunities. I have made great friends in my hall, I have a central place on campus, and I don't have to worry about rent. It is a short walk to get to any of my classes, or any of the dining facilities, I have a place to hang out between classes and have some privacy. But perhaps most importantly, I have a home away from home, that I know is safe and secure.

I was worried about coming to college because all of my friends were going somewhere different. I wasn't exactly sure how to make new friends but living on campus made it so easy and so fun to meet so many new people.

Centennial is especially great as it is full of freshmen who also want to make friends. I have heard people from other halls say how hard it is to find friends in Centennial, and I always tell them how I know almost everyone on my floor. We always hang out in the lobbies or in other people’s rooms because everyone is comfortable with each other. And when I need a break from the fast paced life of a college student, I have enough privacy within my hall that I can just relax.

Having a private bathroom also makes it feel almost more like home. You don’t have to worry about finding your keys to go use the restroom, or leaving your work behind. It's just a short walk across my room. I also do not have to worry about paying rent, so if I didn’t want to work, I do not have to. There are always fun activities going on within the halls, or food out in the lounge, or people just hanging around in the lobbies. There is never a boring day living on campus.

Conklin Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Minerva, Ohio . Business Major . 

I am glad I lived on campus for a few reasons. I have personally grown since moving onto campus. Living three hours from home with people I had never met before was way out of my comfort zone. My whole life I had known every person I came into contact with so this was something very new to me. But the experience has taught me a lot about myself and how to love even my weirdest characteristics because being yourself is the way to meet people just like you.

That is the second reason I am glad I live on campus. You can easily make so many connections because you are constantly coming across new people. College is where you meet your best friends, I believe it and that is how I met mine by living on campus.

You really get to connect with the people inside of your residence hall and the ones close by. I live in Conklin which is a first-year only residence hall so I know whenever I am talking to someone on my floor, they are new to BGSU just like I am and are going through the same thing as me. This is what eases my mind about living on campus and more specifically in Conklin, because we are all able to ask questions openly and talk to each other because most of the time none of us have any idea what we are doing but by being friends and talking together we are figuring it out.

By living on campus you are always close to everything. Constantly close to your resources like the library and your professors. Living in Conklin the library is right across the street as well, it is about a three-minute walk from my dorm which makes it so much easier to pick up and go there whenever I need help or want a quiet place to do some homework. It is also super easy to get involved when you live on campus and it helps keep you involved. Instead of a long drive to that club meeting you have a short walk with some friends to get there.