Finding and selecting a room for first-year students can be challenging and stressful but at the same time, very exciting. Follow the advice below from BGSU students who have been in your shoes to help make your room selection process easier. You can find the official room selection process and timeline in our Housing Selection Guide.

The student advice on this page was written by Residence Life Student Hall Ambassadors. Their advice is their personal opinions but content has been edited for accuracy. The opinions of these students do not necessarily reflect the opinions of BGSU or the Office of Residence Life. For the most up-to-date information about dates and processes, please go to

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Centennial Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Mansfield, Ohio . Education Major .

Room Selection was probably the most stressful time in preparation for my college life, possibly with the exception of class registration day. If you are a new student, your selection time is going to be based off of when you paid your initial housing payment. [When you are a returning student, your selection time is randomized.] I recommend checking out the hall waitlist or room change form information if you end up selecting a hall you aren't satisfied with.

I found my roommate on the BGSU Class Facebook page where a lot of students go to search for potential roommates. When it comes to selecting a room, I suggest you schedule a tour of campus or check out the new 360 Housing Experience tours which gives you a view of what each hall and room looks like. This will give you a real feel that you won’t get from a layout picture.

Every room has its pros and cons and your ideal room depends on your taste. Some people want to have their own private bathroom so they preference Centennial Hall. I personally chose Centennial for the A/C and the private bathrooms. Centennial is also a first-year only hall so it is a very social place to live. Some people don't want or need private bathrooms, and would rather go with someplace like Offenhauer with its 'huge' double rooms. Conklin Hall is also full of first-years and does have A/C, but does not have private bathrooms. I think McDonald has the best lobby/game room and many learning communities, so that is also an ideal choice.

I personally never toured any of the halls before selection day and I wish I had because it would have given me a great idea of what to expect. 

Kaylee in a BGSU sweatshirt.

Conklin Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Minerva, Ohio . Business Major . 

Room selection can be scary, especially as a first-year student not knowing what to expect. You are given a specific date and time to select your room based on when you paid your initial housing payment. During room selection is when you can log in to your MyBGSU account and pick your room to live in for the upcoming school year.

Sometimes, people pick their roommates before the room selection date, this is because they already know someone or even met them through the Class Facebook page or because they used the roommate system in MyBGSU. If you do not previously pick a roommate, do not worry it is not a big deal! When you do find a roommate, to be “official roommates” there is a link in the system of your MyBGSU account to confirm!

You and your roommate are assigned the same time to pick the room. My advice is to get in contact with your roommate before room selection to discuss where your first, second and third room choices are. Always pick at least three because it is never guaranteed you will get your first pick. When making these choices, if you come to a point where you forget what the other residence halls look like, Res Life made a 360 Housing Experience for students to get a look at the rooms without having to actually see them. These are new and very neat to refer to!

When you log in to your account on your room selection date, you will choose the residence hall you want to live in and your meal plan. They system will show you all the residence halls available for you to live in. When you click on a hall, it will show you how many rooms are available on each floor, including the number of double- and single-bedrooms available. If it shows zeros across every floor in the hall, there are no rooms available and you should move on to your next choice. Make sure you have enough time set aside to do this so you are not just rushing through. Once you find an available room, then follow the prompts through the application.

During this process, you will also have to select your meal plan so know what plan you want. In my personal experience, I picked the room for both my roommate and I. The day for us to pick our room came and my roommate had an academic event that night so I went into the system and picked the residence hall and room. We had previously discussed we wanted to live in Conklin Hall and we wanted to be on the first or second floor. So I went in and picked a room on the second floor of Conklin. All my roommate had to do after her meeting, was log in to her MyBGSU account, confirm the room selection and choose her meal plan!

If I could pick again I would pick the same room. I like being on the second floor and I like being close to the end of the hallway because it is closer to the side door. It is just the right walk to the bathroom. I did not know the higher the room number on the girls side the farther down the hallway it would be, but I am satisfied with my room choice.

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Falcon Heights Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Ashtabula, Ohio . Biology Major

Room selection can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Where to live? Why you should live there? Maybe you won't get your top pick, but it is better to know what each residence hall offers before committing or moving on from it. Also checking out the room 360 Housing Experience offered by the Res Life is very beneficial.

I found it best to do make a pros and cons list of each residence hall prior to my selection date. I knew I wanted to avoid suites my first year because I thought it was important to learn how to live with another individual. I also love to sleep in low temperatures, so I looked into halls with air conditioning and traditional style rooms. Going off this, I wanted to know my roommate, so before selection, I found someone to live with and confirmed them as my roommate; only one of us needed to login to do this because we were already assigned as roommates (each person still needs to login to their MyBGSU to select a meal plan). Knowing who my roommate was also allowed me to make my first friend attending BGSU and split the responsibility of certain items, like microwaves and mini-fridges, or even a common color theme for the room.

This is now my second year living on campus and I chose Falcon Heights for the specific reasons above; I knew my roommates, there was air conditioning and it was suite-style so I got my own room. I chose my specific room because it was on the top floor, though it is farthest away from the elevator, I enjoy that I also have the last room and do not have to worry so much about neighbors or anyone above me.

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Founders Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Sylvania, Ohio . Physics Major .

My room selection was pretty easy and low stress. I am in a learning community and the first year is residential, meaning I had to live in the learning community’s hall and was guaranteed a spot. I am currently a part of the Honors Learning Community (HLC). I wanted to join this community because I am also a part of the Honors College. I have found that being in the HLC has allowed me quick access to my Honors Adviser and other resources for my academic life. I was able to choose my room earlier than many other students because of the HLC.

In March of 2018, I received an email stating that I should pick a room soon. I took that email to heart and went onto the application to pick a room. The page opened to the available rooms. I moved my mouse around, not really knowing what the numbers meant yet. I clicked on one of the rooms. I saw that two of the girls already in the room had the major that I was interested in pursuing. I then picked that room and I was done. I sent an email to my roommates to introduce myself. I had no method and I did not know where this room would be in the building, I just picked.

I did not know any of my roommates before I picked the room. I had looked for some from the application site, but I was somewhat late and the people that I talked to already had someone. I knew at that point that I probably wouldn't find someone in time and would have to go in unknowing. Luckily, it worked out really well.

Here are some things I have learned based on my experience:

  1. If you do not want to go random, try to find a roommate as early as possible. Start the application early even if you are not sure if BGSU is right for you. If you decide that BG will be your home, you don’t want a late start

  2. During the application process, there is a preference system. Be honest with these preferences. If there is something you really cannot stand in a roommate, mark that. If something is somewhat bothersome, mark it that way. The site does a great job matching you to people with similar preferences.

  3. Everything will be alright even if you don’t get a roommate with your exact preferences or are not in the dorm you would like. Going a bit random allows you to meet new people and experience new things. If there an issue, Residence Life will make sure you are comfortable

  4. Have backup halls just in case. You can use the Hall Comparison to see the amenities and the 360 Housing Experience to see what the rooms look like.

I cannot stress enough that for first-year students, starting early will only help you. The earlier you start the application and pay the deposit [initial housing payment], the earlier you will select your room. Residence Life opens up the deposit as early as November the year before you would arrive in BG. While I lucked out with rooming with great people, I did not know them until I moved in. If you like to know the person beforehand, start reaching out and messaging the students you are matched with on the application starting in January.

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Kohl Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Cincinnati, Ohio . Business Major .

Room selection can be stressful because there are so many options to choose from. I recommend looking on the Hall Comparison page so you can narrow your choices to just a couple of dorms so when you attend a visit event, which I strongly recommend you attend, you can visit them and then better compare your hall choices once you see them in person.

After that, I would see which floor fits your interests and which rooms are available that also meet your interests. For me, I am on the third floor of Kohl Hall because coming into to BGSU I was in the La Comunidad Learning Community. With that being said, my choices were narrowed down very quickly. From my memory, the only options for the Learning Community members for girls were the second and third floor. I picked the third floor because one of my preferences was to hear the least amount of sound from outside sources, so living on the third floor worked for me since it was the top floor and I wouldn’t be listening to noises that residents from upper floors would cause. This is why I picked the third floor, but once I made this decision, I needed to pick a room. My preference was that I wanted to be a close distance to the laundry room and bathroom so that I would not have to waste a lot of time walking to those rooms and use that time for other things like studying, but I did not want to be right next to them because then I would have a lot of people around my door, and that was something I did not want.

The point I wanted to make is that in order for the process of room selection to go smoothly, it is better to know what your preferences are and what you are looking for in a place that you will live for many months. As of right now, I still love the room I selected and I feel that the reason I am in the room that I like is due to the fact that it meets all my personal preferences I thought it out before starting the room selection process.

Lastly, it's important for new students to realize room selection times are based on the DAY you make your deposit [initial housing payment]. If you are committed to BGSU, I recommend making your deposit as soon as you can.

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Kreischer Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Columbus, Ohio . Business Major .

One piece of  advice I can tell you is don’t have your heart set on a certain hall. It seems like everyone preferences the halls with private bathrooms because it feels more like what you are used to at home. There could be so many people trying to get into the same hall, but not enough space for everyone. 

I suggest putting down your initial housing payment early because selection times are based on the day you make your payment. You are able to get a refund if you decide not to go to BGSU (as long as you let BGSU know prior to National Selection Day). On the BGSU Office of Residence Life website there is a 360 Housing Experience. This is a great way for you to see what all the rooms looks like. Thousands of students live on campus so there is going to be competition. Always have a Plan B and C.

I chose Kreischer as my hall due to my selection time. I picked a room on the fourth floor that is close to the elevator and bathrooms. To be honest, I wasn’t too happy about selecting Kreischer at first but now, I don’t mind living at Kreischer at all. I have made wonderful friends, played pool with them, watched movies in the lounges together, and utilized all of the wonderful services such as the Sundial dining hall, the Outtakes and much more! I wouldn't change a thing.

I recommend being open to all of the halls because you could meet your best friend and you may fall in love with the hall, even if it wasn't originally your first choice.

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McDonald Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Defiance, Ohio . Education Major .

It is about time where people start to worry about room selection and where they are going to live. Whether you know exactly where you want to live, who your roommate is going to be or what floor you want to live on there are always minor inconveniences and setbacks. Go into room selection knowing that there is a possibility that you may not room in your first choice hall.

It is about time where people start to worry about room selection and where they are going to live. Whether you know exactly where you want to live, who your roommate is going to be or what floor you want to live on there are always minor inconveniences and setbacks. Go into room selection knowing that there is a possibility that you may not room in your first choice hall.

The room selection process was different for me because I was in a learning community and knew I would be housed in the hall of my learning community. After visiting Bowling Green State University I found out that my learning community was housed in McDonald Hall. I heard lots of amazing things about McDonald Hall and many of the others on campus. So before visiting BGSU, McDonald Hall was my first choice. Once I entered the building I was greeted by friendly RA’s and desk clerks and saw the room setups were amazing. After my visit, I was certain I wanted to live in McDonald and be in a learning community.

The next step of picking a place to live was picking a roommate. The process can be scary, but there are so many ways to decide. One option is to fill out the roommate [lifestyle] questionnaire in the housing application. Through there try to find other residents who have similar lifestyles and habits. Another option is to join your class Facebook Group (e.g. If you’re in the Class of 2023 there is a Class of 2023 Facebook page). On there you can meet, message and network with other future Falcons. The last option is to pick someone you already know. I decided to go random and in the long run it was a decent decision. This way I was able to see what type of person I get along with and can live with. 

When I selected my room I picked the most random number. I knew I wanted to be at the beginning of the hall and closest to the stairwell. I did not mind long walks to the bathroom or to the lounge, because I knew the only times I was going to need to go that way was before bed to shower. I picked the second floor, because that is the floor my learning community required that I live on. I like only having to climb one flight of stairs. It is not a hassle to get to my room either. To decide what hall works best with you I would recommend looking at our 360 Housing Experience! This is a great resource to decide which residence hall fits your style and the way that you can set up your future room!

All in all, the process seems a bit crazy. The best option is to start looking for a roommate months in advance. Try to meet up with your future roommate and try to connect on things. Again, be open to living in other buildings than your top choice, because most likely your first choice will not be the building you end up living in. Also, do your research on the process and ask current students about what their suggestions are they are the ones who have dealt with the process and they are the ones who will know how it works.

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Offenhauer Towers Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Toledo, Ohio . VCT Major .

When going off to college, choosing a room and a roommate can be a scary thought. Do you want a room with a bathroom in it? Do you want multiple roommates or a room by yourself? BGSU has many different residence halls with many different features, so I know picking a room can be a stressful task because I have been through it twice. Here is my experience with room selection and some advice I have for you:

As a second year, the housing selection process is much different then your first year selecting housing. It is all randomized, so no matter when you put down your housing deposit, you could pick on the first day or the last day. For me, I had a selection time right in the middle of the week. I really wanted to get into Falcon Heights with my three other friends, but it was full by the end of the day Monday. So I went on to my back up plan which was Offenhauer. By the time I got to pick on Wednesday, the only dorms left were Kreischer and McDonald, so I chose Kreischer. Now you may be wondering to yourself “but she is the hall ambassador of Offenhauer? How did she end up there?” Well I tell you.

After all of the second years pick, the Office of Residence Life opens up the room change request form, so I put myself on the waitlist of Offenhauer West and East. Residence Life tries to work all summer to fulfill all the room change requests of the students. About halfway through summer, I got an email that my room had been changed to Offenhauer West.

The main reason I wanted to live in Offenhauer was because it is close to the Technology Building, where I have a lot of classes, and it has the biggest double rooms on campus. Plus, there is an Outtakes Carryout on the first floor and a volleyball net right outside.

My biggest piece of advice for room selection is don’t lose hope. You may not get the hall you want or you may not know the person you are living with when you first move in, but you can try and change where you are living. That is why it is important to have a list of at least 3 halls you would live in because you never know what will happen for room selection.

I also recommend coming to campus for a tour of all the residence halls, so you get a feel for which hall you like the best. If you can’t make it to campus, be sure to check out the 360 Housing Experience, so you can get a look at all the rooms.

No matter what hall you pick, you will make great friends and have a great time here at BGSU. Good luck with room selection!