Welcome to the Hall Ambassador's blog! Hall ambassadors are on-campus students that help communicate what it's like to live at BGSU, give hall tours (you may have met one of them already this year!) and promote events in the halls they live in. A year or two ago, they were in the same position as you are and they are here to offer advice and share some of their on-campus experiences. We understand moving away from home can be exciting and emotional time which leads to a lot of questions. We hope this page provides help and support for your transition.

Brad Silliman


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Brad Silliman

Centennial Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Mansfield, Ohio . Education Major .

My name is Brad Silliman. I was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, though we did move around a bit. I am majoring in AYA ISS education, which stands for Adolescent to Young Adult Social Studies Education. That is the reason I chose to come to BGSU, as I knew they had a wonderful education department. While on campus I enjoy doing many things. I play a lot of video games (Specifically Apex Legends), and reading. My girlfriend and I also enjoy going downtown to a joint bookstore/coffee shop called Grounds For Thought. I also really enjoy going to Nerf wars they host on campus as they are a great way to meet people and release exam tension. Overall, BGSU is a great university and I love being here. 

Hall Tour & Advice from Brad

Kaylee Kovach

Conklin Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Minerva, Ohio . Business Major . 

My name is Kaylee Kovach and I am from Minerva, Ohio. I am a first-year student at Bowling Green State University studying Accounting. I choose BGSU because I love the atmosphere and because their College of Business is ranked high in Ohio and among the nation. The atmosphere is very positive, everyone here is super nice and I loved the feeling of the campus size. The campus is the perfect size it has the feeling of a small campus without being entirely small. I live in Conklin Hall this year and I really like it because of the small size and it being an all first-year dorm. Everyone in Conklin is experiencing the BGSU campus for the first time and it really brings you all closer like a little community. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends playing games, the Wii, and watching movies. I also enjoy going to BG sporting events and watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. 

Hall Tour & Advice from Kaylee

Mariah Grow

Falcon Heights Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Ashtabula, Ohio . Biology Major .

My name is Mariah Grow. I was born and raised Ashtabula, Ohio which is three hours east of Bowling Green, and graduated from Lakeside High School. I came to BGSU originally to study forensics, and later decide to continue my education in Biology. I decided to attend college here because everything I wanted in a university already seemed to be present via their website and when I visited for the first time, it already felt like home. Since being here I have learned so much about myself and life as a whole; this is the first time I have ever been away from home for more than a week, and it is the first time in which I cannot just drive to a family member’s house to talk; I have to make a phone call. Being away for so much of the year, I like to fill up my time with extracurricular activities; it seems that my suitemates and I always have a DIY project going on in the common area, or are trying new things. This is my second year at BGSU and I am still discovering new things to do and new places to go and I think that is one of the best things about it.

Hall Tour & Advice from Mariah

Sara Jurkiewicz

Founders Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Sylvania, Ohio . Physics Major .

Hey All! I’m a first-year student at BGSU from Sylvania, Ohio. I am currently undecided but will study Physics with a minor in Spanish. I chose BGSU because it had two of the programs I was thinking about majoring in and it was close to home. That being said, I chose to live on campus to get some more distance from home. I have had lots of fun in my hall and on campus. The location of my hall is great. I am very close to most of the dining options and many of the academic buildings. The in-room bathrooms are a perk as well. My hall has hosted numerous karaoke night where I get to listen to some real rock stars sing their hearts outs. The draw for me for these is events is food. Many of these events offer free food and drinks for residents. In my free time, I like to attend the Falcon Fridays in the Union, sporting events, events with my sorority, and watch movies with my roommates.

Hall Tour & Advice from Sara

Veronica Menendez

Kohl Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Cincinnati, Ohio . Business Major .

Hello! I am Veronica Menendez, a first-year student at BGSU. I was born in Puerto Rico but in 2010, I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. I am currently double majoring in Information Systems and Management. The reason that I picked BGSU was after applying to eighteen schools, I visited BGSU and I immediately sensed a feeling of welcoming and belonging on campus and these two qualities were very important to me in deciding process of where I will be spending the next four years of my life. On top of that, I also decided to live on campus because coming from a city that about three hours away from Bowling Green, I knew that coming into Bowling Green I needed to make friends and meet people since most people in my hometown decided to stay local for college. I picked to live in Kohl Hall, one of the most diverse residence halls on campus. Kohl Hall has five learning communities ranging from service, business, and language. Due to that, people living in Kohl come from different walks of life and have different passions, which has helped me grow as a person through meeting my fellow neighbors and learning from them. On my free time, I like to go to events with my sorority, hang out with friends, and watch Netflix or Hulu with friends.

Hall Tour & Advice from Veronica

DeYante Johnson

Kreischer Quadrangle Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Columbus, Ohio . Business Major .

My name is DeYante Johnson and I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am double majoring in Accounting and Finance here at Bowling Green State University. I originally only came to BGSU because my cousin went here. She ended up withdrawing due to finance situations but it was to late for me to change my mind on not going. When I arrived I instantly got involved on campus and now I am so glad that I am here. I live in Kreischer hall and I love it. I love the on site dining and not having to walk to get a bite to eat, I enjoy pool and ping pong tables, also the community at this dorm. On my free time I am doing something whether it is playing volleyball, joining organizations, going to the gym and many more. There are a ton of things to do or be apart of on campus.

Hall Tour & Advice from DeYante

Hayden Weber

McDonald Hall Ambassador . Class of 2022 . Defiance, Ohio . Education Major .

My name is Hayden Weber and I am a first year at Bowling Green State University. I am studying Inclusive Early Childhood Education. I am from Defiance, Ohio, yet I attended Archbold Area Schools. The reason I chose Bowling Green State University is that I wanted to stay relatively close to home and I knew I wanted to go into education. Bowling Green is only an hour away from my hometown. Plus, Bowling Green State University is one of the top rated schools for education in the state of Ohio. I have really enjoyed my time on campus, because I get to see my friends everyday and I am not far from the places on campus. I enjoy going to the gym with my friends and also spending time in my room and watching Netflix.

Hall Tour & Advice from Hayden

Kelsie Vaillant

Offenhauer Towers Hall Ambassador . Class of 2021 . Toledo, Ohio . Visual Communications Technology Major .

My name is Kelsie Vaillant. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, which is just 30 minutes north of BG. I graduated from Toledo School for the Arts with a specialization in screen printing, graphic design, and costume design. Here at Bowling Green State University, I am studying Visual Communication Technology with a specialization in print. One of the reasons I decided to come to BGSU was because I wanted a college that I was far enough away that I had to live on campus, but close enough that I could still go home on the weekends or work in the Toledo area. Another reason is that BGSU has a great arts program. I love the hands on experience I get with working with industry level equipment in my classes, and that my major requires three CO-OPs, or internships, before graduation. When I’m not in classes, I like spending time with my boyfriend and friends around campus. My boyfriend and I especially love playing Pokémon Go on campus because there are so many gyms. We love going to hockey games as well. I also like to spend time in my room watching Netflix, bullet journaling, and reading. If I have lots of time on my hands, I like to break out my sewing machine and make some new clothes for myself. I’m excited to continue my journey here at BGSU and see what the future holds for me after graduation. Go Falcons!

Hall Tour & Advice from Kelsie

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