Room and Meal Plan Rates

2017-18 Rates

Housing rates for the next academic school year will not be approved by the the Board of Trustees until late spring. Below is a reflection of the rates for the current school year and should only be used as a guide.

Housing Rates Per Semester buildings

BGSU has a two-year, live-on requirement for undergraduate students. It is important that students consider the cost of the residence hall when making their selection.


Residence Hall     




Double Room


Single Room


Super Single*


Economy Triple

Centennial Hall    New Students $3,290 $3,855 - $2,300
Conklin Hall  New Students $3,090 $3,620 - $2,170
Falcon Heights
All Students $3,290 $3,855 - $2,300
Founders Hall
Returning Students $3,090 $3,620 $3,765 -
Greek Village
Greek Members $3,290 $3,855 - -
Kohl Hall All Students $2,790 $3,355 - -
Kreischer Quadrangle All Students $2,790 $3,355 - -
McDonald Hall All Students $2,790 $3,355 - -
Offenhauer Towers All Students $3,090 $3,620 - $2,170
University Apartments
Returning Students -
$3,855 - -

Please note: The number of single rooms fluctuates from year to year based on the space available. The majority of on-campus residents live in double rooms.

*There is a total of four Super Single room layouts available in Founders Hall. They follow the same layout as the six-person, double room suites but the bedrooms are smaller and one person is assigned to each room instead of two.

Meal Plans spoonfork

Meal plans are available to anyone wishing to eat in the dining facilities on campus, including the Bowling Green community. Visit BGSU Dining to choose what plan is right for you.


2017-18 Pricing


GOLD | $2,156


SILVER | $1,986


BRONZE | $1,669

TRADITIONAL A.Y.C.E. 19 Meals Per Week 15 Meals Per Week 12 Meals Per Week
RETAIL 2,156 Falcon Dollars 1,986 Falcon Dollars
1,668 Falcon Dollars
CUSTOM 140 Meals Per Semester + 1,000 Falcon Dollars 120 Meals Per Semester + 900 Falcon Dollars 90 Meals Per Semester + 800 Falcon Dollars

Differences Between Each Plan

  • You can stay as long as you like and eat whatever you like during your visit.
  • Enjoy your meals anytime during open hours during that week.
  • The meals roll over from day to day but do not roll over from week to week.
  • Includes Falcon Dollars and are declining balance and a la carte – meaning you pay only for what you take to the register.
  • A combination of Traditional A.Y.C.E Plans and Retail Plans to create more flexibility. 
  • First-year students must select a Custom Meal Plan


For questions regarding the meal plan options or how the plans work, please call 419.372.7933. The Office of Residence Life provides this information as a resouce, to get the most up-to-date information, please visit the BGSU Dining website.