Room and Meal Plan Rates

Rates and fees published are adjusted annually by the Board of Trustees.  Rates are typically updated late spring of each year.

Residence Unit Double Occupancy Single Occupancy Super Single Economy Triple
Apartments $3,290 $3,855 n/a n/a
Centennial Hall $3,290 $3,855 n/a $2,300
Conklin Hall $3,090 $3,620 n/a $2,170
Falcon Heights   $3,290 $3,855 n/a $2,300
Founders Hall $3,090 $3,620 $3,765 n/a
Greek Village $3,290 $3,855 n/a n/a
Kohl Hall $2,790 $3,355 n/a n/a
Kreischer Quadrangle:        
Ashley, Batchelder, Compton & Darrow Halls $2,790 $3,355 n/a n/a
McDonald Hall $2,790 $3,355 n/a n/a
Offenhauer East & West Halls $3,090 $3,620 n/a $2,170

Rates are per semester.
*Doubles as Singles are offered when space allows and rates can be obtained through the Office of Residence.

Meal Plan Rates

To choose the right plan for you, please visit BGSU Dining for more information.  

  • Traditional/AYCE (All You Care to Eat) - You can stay as long as you like, and eat whatever you like during your visit. You can use your meals anytime during open hours during that week. 
    The meals roll over from day to day but do not roll over from week to week.
  • Retail - All Retail Plans consist of Falcon Dollars and are “declining balance” and “a la carte,” meaning you pay only for what you take to the register.
  • Custom - A combination of Traditional/ACE and Retail Plans to create more flexibility. First-year students must select a Custom meal plan.

Price: $2,156

Price: $1,986

Price: $1,669


19 Meals/week

15 Meals/week

12 Meals/week


2,156 Falcon Dollars

1,986 Falcon Dollars

1,669 Falcon Dollars


140 Meals/Semester
+ 1,000 Falcon Dollars

120 Meals/Semester
+ 900 Falcon Dollars

90 Meals/Semester
+ 800 Falcon Dollars