Living with a Roommate | When you live in a room with someone else, it can be an adjustment. Learn about roommate rights on our Roommate Relations web page. 

Roommate Relations

Finding Your Roommate

At BGSU, we cannot guarantee you will live with a specific person, but we try to increase your chances by allowing you to form a Room Selection Group (RSG). Forming a RSG is not required. In fact, around 40% of all students choose to leave it up to fate and don't form a RSG. The choice is up to you. On this page, we will outline how to form a RSG, how to select a room when you are in a RSG and what it will be like if you are not in a RSG.

Room Selection Groups

To increase your chance of living with a specific person, you need to make it official by forming a Room Selection Group (RSG). RSGs can be formed by two students. When you form a RSG you will receive the same selection time, making it easier to find a room together, or near each other.

You Have To Make It Official

Simply talking to someone and verbally telling each other you want to be roommates, does NOT form a RSG. There is no way our office can know you want to be roommates unless you tell us. It is your responsibility to follow the timeline below and make it official.

If you do not form a RSG within the set timeline, it will make it difficult to find a room together during the room selection process. You will likely have to pick a room a part from each other and possibly in different residence halls. This is because it is very likely you both will receive different selection times and we cannot guarantee what spaces will be available. Don't let this happen to you. Please read this web page in detail so you are prepared. 

RSGs Can Be Formed:

  • New Students | Jan. 4-May 1, 2023
  • Returning Students | Now-Feb. 20, 2023

New students also includes transfer students.

How to Form a Room Selection Group

STEP 1 | Complete the housing application. 
First you must complete your Housing Application and make your $200 initial housing payment. You can find the application timeline and more details about the entire housing selection process on the New Student Housing Page and the Returning Student Housing Page. In the application, make sure you have the "Include in Roommate Search" checked.

STEP 2 | Find someone you want to form a RSG with at BGSU.
This step is different depending on whether you are going to be a new student or returning student next year.

In the Housing Application, you will fill out the Lifestyle Questionnaire. The questionnaire asks about your study habits, sleeping habits and health habits, as well as visitor and other personal preferences. Based on your responses, the housing system can suggest potentially good matches. After you have completed this step, you can begin your search by logging back into your Housing & Meal Plan Application on MyBGSU and follow the onscreen instructions to the roommate step.

  • Create a group with someone you already know. | Enter the BGSU ID number and/or the name of the roommate you want to request. Your group member must be admitted into BGSU and paid the $200 initial housing payment.
  • Search for a profile. | Check the boxes next to the lifestyle questions that are most important to you in finding a compatible roommate. For example, if you want to live with a someone who does not smoke, check the box next to that question, and select ‘no’ as your preferred answer. You will only see other students who marked that they do not smoke.
  • Browse matching profiles. | Your answers to the Lifestyle Questionnaire are compared against others in the database. You will be shown other incoming students who have compatible answers. Your closest matches have the highest percentage scores.
  • Organically meet someone online. | You can also meet new people on the BGSU Class of 2027 Facebook Group (Trust us... you will want to join, even if you aren't on Facebook that much. The majority of the on-campus population is already there or will be there by selection time.) 

If you are transferring to BGSU, or have an earlier anticipated graduation date, we still recommend joining the class of 2026 group. This is where you will find others going through the same housing process as you.

After you have identified someone you want to form a group with, you can move on to the next step.

As a returning student, finding someone you want to be in a RSG with is easier because you have been attending classes, living on campus and involved with organizations. We encourage you to talk to your friends to find out who will be living on campus next year. 

After you have identified someone you want to form a group with, you can move on to the next step.

STEP 3 | Form your group so it's official. 
After you have identified someone, you will need to make it official by forming your RSG. First, you need to identify who will be forming the group. We are assuming you will be the one forming the RSG in the process below.

  1. You will log in to your MyBGSU Housing & Meal Plan Application and search for your friend using their BGSU ID #.* 
  2. After you have located your friend, you will need to follow the prompts to send them a request to be in your group.
  3. The request will remain pending until your friend logs in to the system and confirms your request. This makes it official!

If your friend does not complete step 3 by the deadline, your group will not be formed and you will likely receive different selection times. 

*If you are having trouble finding your friend, confirm they have made their $200 initial housing payment, have "Include in Roommate Search" checked in their housing application and have filled out the housing application for the same academic year as you.

Selecting a room when you are in a Room Selection Group

We know you are curious how the room selection process will work after you have formed your RSG. Below outlines how the process will work but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our office any time between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday at 419-372-2011/

  1. You will receive a room selection time sent to your BGSU email account. To find when this email is scheduled to send, please refer to the New Student Housing Page or the Returning Student Housing Page.
  2. You and your group member will be assigned the same selection time so it is easier to find a room together or close to each other. Your selection time will be 100% randomized and is not based on your payment date.
  3. The housing system will open up at your assigned room selection time. Rooms fill up on a first come, first served basis so we cannot guarantee there will be rooms with two open beds in it. You will be looking for rooms that have two spaces open.
  4. Selecting a room for you and your friend: Only the group leader can select the room and pull in their group member into the room. The group leader can be changed in the application if needed. 
    • After the room has been selected, the group member who hasn't logged into the system will be required to log in and confirm the assignment and choose their meal plan.

Selecting a room when you are NOT in a Room Selection Group

Forming a RSG is completely optional. If you decide not to form a group, you will be given your own selection time and the student who selects the same room as you will be your roommate. It's important to note that if you do not form a RSG with someone you would like to try to be roommates with, it will be difficult to find a room together during the standard selection process because it is likely you will have different selection times. With this said, we cannot guarantee students who form a RSG will find a room together. It all depends on whether a completely open room is available during the time of selection.

Getting In Touch With Your Unknown Roommate

If you selected a room and haven't met the person who also selected the room, you can log in to your Housing & Meal Plan application on MyBGSU again to see the roommate's name and room assignment on the home page of the application.

Selecting a room in Falcon Heights, Founders or Centennial Hall

Only 24% of the beds available on campus are located in a suite layout vs 63% of beds available in traditional layouts.
Unless you have been accepted to be a member of the Honors Learning Community*, NO ONE is guaranteed to live in a suite, regardless of where you have lived on campus before if you are a returning student.

Available Suite & In-room Bathroom Layouts:

FALCON HEIGHTS | 100% Returning Students | Four-person suites will be available in this residence hall. Some suites will have four single bedrooms and other suites will have two double bedrooms. 

FOUNDERS HALL | 37.8% Returning Students | 62.2% New/Returning Honors Learning Community Members | Six-person suites are available in this hall. The suites have three double bedrooms. Founders Hall also has single rooms available. These layouts are a little different than suites. If you select a single room in this hall, you will share a foyer and a bathroom with one other student.

CENTENNIAL HALL | 100% New Students | Centennial doesn't technically have suite layouts but there are 15 single bedroom layouts available that are shared by three students. If you select a single room in this hall, you will share a foyer and a bathroom with two other students.

Selecting a Room in a Suite or Centennial Hall
  • If there are open spaces available in suites when you login to select your room, you can select a bed in a suite regardless if you formed a RSG or not. We do not penalize students who did not form a group.
  • Because these rooms share a space with more than one suitemate, students you do not know are likely to share the space with you. Forming a RSG helps you find a space together (or near each other) with one other person. You should NOT assume you will be able to select a suite with another student outside of your group. 
  • At no point shall a student reach out to another student already placed in a suite to tell them they need to get out of the room. EVERY student has a right to select the space they want. It is acceptable to reach out to someone to do an even trade but no one has claims on a suite. Reports of bullying will be taken seriously and you could find yourself in violation of Student Code of Conduct.

*If you are returning member of the Honors Learning Community, you must re-apply and follow the returning student learning community room selection process. If you are a new member of the Honors Learning Community, you will need to follow the new student learning community room selection process. If you miss the selection process deadlines, you risk not being able to live in your community.

Updated: 01/17/2023 10:22AM