Room and Meal Plan Rates

Housing and dining rates are approved by the BGSU Board of Trustees in June. Below you will find housing rates available to the Office of Residence Life. 


With the Falcon Tuition Guarantee, you know from the start how much your education will cost. Your tuition rate will stay the same from your first year to graduation.*

This includes room and board! Housing (Room) and Meal Plans (Board) are also fixed for each Cohort. Students pay a fee based on the housing and meal plan selected. If a student chooses a different residential or meal plan option after enrolling, the charge will be based on the Cohort rates set at the time of initial enrollment.

Falcon Tuition Guarantee

*Maximum four-academic year period is guaranteed. All questions should be directed to the Office of the Bursar.

Housing Rates Per Semester buildings

BGSU has a two-year, live-on requirement for undergraduate students. It is important that students consider the cost of the residence hall when making their selection.

2018-19 Room Rates Per Semester

2018-19 Residence Hall Rates    


Double Room

Single Room

Super Single*

Economy Triple

Centennial Hall    New Students $3,365 $3,940 - $2,340
Conklin Hall  New Students $3,160 - - -
Falcon Heights
All Students $3,365 $3,940 - $2,340
Founders Hall
All Students $3,160 $3,705 $3,840 -
Greek Village
Greek Members $3,365 $3,940 - -
Kohl Hall All Students $2,865 - - -
Kreischer Quadrangle All Students $2,865 - - -
McDonald Hall All Students $2,865 $3,440 - -
Offenhauer Towers All Students $3,160 $3,620 - $2,210
University Apartments
Returning Students -
$3,940 - -

Please note: The number of single rooms fluctuates from year to year based on the space available. The majority of on-campus residents live in double rooms.

*There is a total of four Super Single room layouts available in Founders Hall. They follow the same layout as the six-person, double room suites but the bedrooms are smaller and one person is assigned to each room instead of two.


Applications Open | March 2019

Summer housing in Centennial Hall is available on campus for students during the sessions in which they are enrolled in summer classes. Meal plans are optional in the summer; if you are interested in having a meal plan, please contact BGSU Dining at 419-372-7933 for options and rates.

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Summer Session I | May 22 - June 12 3 Weeks $510 $600
Summer Session II | May 22 - July 3 6 Weeks $1,020 $1,200
Summer Session III | June 24 - Aug. 16 8 Weeks $1,360 $1,600
Summer Session IV | July 8 - Aug. 16 6 Weeks $1,020 $1,200
Full Summer | May 22 - Aug. 16 12 Weeks $2,040 $2,400

*If you are registered for a University class outside of the scheduled sessions, please contact our office for arrangements.

Meal Plans spoonfork

Meal plans are available to anyone wishing to eat in the dining facilities on campus, including the Bowling Green community. Visit BGSU Dining to choose what plan is right for you.

ATTENTION FRESHMEN | All first-year students must purchase a Custom Meal Plan if they are living on campus. 

2018-19 PRICING

GOLD | $2,220

SILVER | $2,045

BRONZE | $1,719

CUSTOM                            (Required for Freshmen) 140 Meals Per Semester + 1,000 Falcon Dollars 120 Meals Per Semester + 900 Falcon Dollars 90 Meals Per Semester + 800 Falcon Dollars
TRADITIONAL A.Y.C.E.        (Returning only) 19 Meals Per Week 15 Meals Per Week 12 Meals Per Week
RETAIL                              (Returning only) 2,220 Falcon Dollars 2,045 Falcon Dollars
1,719 Falcon Dollars



Required for first-year students.

The Custom Plan offers the maximum value and flexibility with a perfect combination of meals from the Traditional/AYCE Plan and Falcon Dollars from the Retail Plan. By allowing an average of five to ten meals each week in an all-you-care-to-eat setting, this plan promotes the opportunity to socialize, meet new people and participate in special events. In addition, the plan offers exposure to well-balanced healthy meals while still allowing funds to be used for additional meals and snacks at some of the most popular locations on campus.

The meals/swipes offered in this plan will expire if not used by the end of that semester. The Falcon Dollars will roll over from fall to spring but must be used by the end of the academic year. 

Equivalency meals are also available for students with this plan. These meals consist of select Outtakes items found at Outtakes @ Kreischer and Outtakes @ Carillon Place and may be purchased using a swipe*.


Available for returning students only.

A "meal" constitutes one visit to a traditional dining facility and one swipe with your student ID. You may stay as long as you like, and eat whatever you like during your visit. Meals may be used at any point during the week.

Traditional/AYCE meals will be offered at The Oaks Dining and the Carillon Place Dining Centers. Selections in these facilities are always changing, offering new choices every day, so your dining experience never gets old. This dining plan helps you build friendships on campus and is more environmentally friendly with full china service and tray-less dining. This plan does not include carryout, however students on the Traditional/AYCE Plan have the ability to choose a meal equivalency option in select convenience stores. For those with retail plans, Traditional/AYCE meals may be purchased with Falcon Dollars but will be at a slightly higher price point.

Equivalency meals are also available for students with this plan. These meals consist of select Outtakes items found at Outtakes @ Kreischer and Outtakes @ Carillon Place and may be purchased using a swipe*.


Available for returning students only.

All Retail Plans consist of Falcon Dollars and are "declining balance" and "a la carte," meaning you pay only for what you take to the register. The price of the items purchased will be deducted from your balance of Falcon Dollars. These dollars may be used in any of the retail locations including convenience stores, locations within the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, residential dining locations, and may also be used to purchase all your care to eat - AYCE Meals. Falcon Dollars will roll over from fall to spring semester, but expire at the end of the academic year.

*In the interest of providing the best selection and availability for our students, BGSU Dining limits the number of equivalency meal purchases to two per student per day. 
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more Meal Plan information.


For questions regarding the meal plan options or how the plans work, please call 419-372-7933. The Office of Residence Life provides this information as a resource, to get the most up-to-date information, please visit the BGSU Dining website.