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The Office of Residence Life promotes an engaging, safe and inclusive environment for academic success and personal growth through student-centered programs, innovative services and cost-effective facilities. With 10 University Residence Halls and Apartments, we are home to nearly 6,000 students.

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The Office of Residence Life promotes an engaging, safe, and inclusive environment for academic success and personal growth through student-centered programs, innovative services, and cost-effective facilities.

The Office of Residence Life aspires to be a premier living-learning community.

The Office of Residence Life values and recognizes our responsibility to foster an inclusive, safe and respectful community so our students succeed in a diverse, global society. We are committed to building an awareness of diverse thoughts, ideas and experiences on our campus in which our community members are empowered to use their voices and be heard.

BGSU Core Values

  • Respect for one another
  • Collaboration
  • Intellectual and Personal Growth
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Pursuit of Excellence

Contact Us


Dr. Josh Lawrie

Joshua Lawrie, PH.D.

Position: Director of Residence Life
Phone: 419-372-2011
Email: jlawrie@bgsu.edu

Karla Leady

Karla Leady

Position: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 419-372-8734
Email: leadyk@bgsu.edu

Denise Holcombe

Position: Senior Fiscal Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-3912
Email: deniselh@bgsu.edu

Residence Education

Coty Behanna

Coty Behanna

Position: Assistant Director, Academics and Assessment
Phone: 419-372-2465
Email: cotyb@bgsu.edu

Brittany Krisanda

Brittany Krisanda

Position: Assistant Director of Supervision, East
Phone: 419-372-9048
Email: bkrisan@bgsu.edu

Shelly Shwamberger

Position: Senior Secretary
Phone: 419-372-9906
Email: mschwam@bgsu.edu

Jenn Grulke

Jenn Grulke

Position: Coordinator, Leadership & Administration
Phone: 419-372-2594
Email: jgoddar@bgsu.edu

Claire Semer, PH.D.

Position: Assistant Director of Supervision, West
Phone: 419-372-0576
Email: clairew@bgsu.edu

Graduate & Doctoral Students


Annastashia Blesi

Position: Graduate Leadership Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-6808
Email: ablesi@bgsu.edu

Shannon Ross

Darwins Olcima

Position: Graduate First Generation Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-4043
Email: dolcima@bgsu.edu

Madeline Cuckow

Position: Graduate Academic Support Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-8737
Email: mcuckow@bgsu.edu

Shannon Ross

Taaj Jones

Position: Graduate SMART Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-9543
Email: taajj@bgsu.edu

Business Administration

Rezwan Islam

Position: Business Analyst
Phone: 419-372-6514
Email: mdrezwi@bgsu.edu

Facilities and Operations

Ryan Hofman, Ed.D.

Position: Associate Director, Facilities & Operations
Phone: 419-372-8860
Email: rphofma@bgsu.edu


Paul Ansted

Position: IT Security Specialist
Phone: 419-372-0365
Email: pansted@bgsu.edu

Housing and Assignments

Joshua Maxwell

Position: Associate Director
Phone: 419-372-2011
Email: jmaxwel@bgsu.edu

Annie Long

Position: Student Services Counselor
Phone: 419-372-2011
Email: annlong@bgsu.edu


Rebecca Lyons

Position: Housing Operations Coordinator
Phone: 419-372-2011
Email: rlyons@bgsu.edu

Brittany Cross

Position: Student Services Counselor
Phone: 419-372-2011
Email: bnboggs@bgsu.edu

Centennial Hall

Alyssa Yoxtheimer

Position: Centennial Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-4052
Email: ayoxthe@bgsu.edu

Shadae Mallory


Position: Centennial Hall Graduate Hall Director
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD

Conklin Hall and Greek Village

Trevor Stutz

Position: Conklin/Greek Village Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-2493
Email: tstutz@bgsu.edu

Emily Musallam

Position: Conklin/Greek Village Graduate Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-3228
Email: emusall@bgsu.edu

Falcon Heights


Steve Burns

Position: Falcon Heights/ University Apartments Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-4042
Email: srburns@bgsu.edu

Founders Hall

Shadae Mallory


Position: Founders Hall Director
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD

Emma Wilkin

Position: Founders Hall Graduate Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-8379
Email: wilkine@bgsu.edu

Kohl Hall


William Stafford

Position: Kohl Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-2963
Email: wstaffo@bgsu.edu

Kreischer Quadrangle

Shadae Mallory

Ryan Patterson

Position: Kreischer A/B Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-2626
Email: rpatte@bgsu.edu

Shadae Mallory

Eric Juzkiw

Position: Kreischer A/B Graduate Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-2165
Email: ejuzkiw@bgsu.edu

Mark Wade

Mark Wade

Position: Kreischer C/D Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-2645
Email: wademd@bgsu.edu

Shadae Mallory

Katie Boutell

Position: Kreischer C/D Graduate Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-9345
Email: kboutel@bgsu.edu

McDonald Hall


Xavier Greaux

Position: McDonald Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-0289
Email: xgreaux@bgsu.edu

Shadae Mallory

Sarah Tokar

Position: McDonald Hall Graduate Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-2972
Email: tokars@bgsu.edu

Offenhauer Towers

Adam Wood

Position: Offenhauer Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-8134
Email: woodad@bgsu.edu

Cole McKane

Position: Offenhauer Graduate Hall Director
Phone: 419-372-9527
Email: nmckane@bgsu.edu