We look forward to your arrival at BGSU!

If you are going to be moving to BGSU for the first time in January, WELCOME! And if you are returning, we hope you are enjoying your break and want to welcome you back. This page will highlight move-in details for new and returning students.

Jan. 6-10

Spring move-in takes place. Registration required.

Jan. 11

First day of spring classes.

COVID-19 At-Home Test Requirement

On Dec. 22, President Rogers sent an email which included details about the new testing requirement for residential students. Four days prior to your move-in appointment, you are required to complete an at-home test. Additional details will be emailed to your BGSU account by Dec. 28 and will also be posted to the BGSU COVID-19 website.


Questions? Please email health@bgsu.edu with any questions you may have about this process.

Spring Move-In Guide

To ensure physical distancing during move-in, we have designed a process that will limit the number of individuals who will be in the residence halls each hour.

To do this, you are required to sign up for a move-in appointmenteven if you already moved into your room in the fall semester and you will be limited to one guest in the building at a time during move-in.

Book your Appointment & Learn More

Spring Move-in Tips and Resources

1. Your Arrival

Spring Move-in Day has less students moving in compared to the beginning of the academic school year. Because of this, students don't have to worry about driving special routes to their building and road closures.

MOVE-IN TIME | To ensure physical distancing during move-in, we have designed a process that will limit the number of individuals who will be in the residence halls each hour. To do this, you are required to sign up for a move-in appointment, even if you already moved into your room in the fall semester. Learn how to sign up and get additional information on the move-in processes. 

MOVING RESOURCES | The Office of Residence Life will have boxes with wheels available for students to use to help move their belongings.

WEATHER | Students should come prepared for the cold weather. 

STUDENT ID | When a student checks in, they will need to show a photo ID. This can be their BGSU ID. Please note: If a student doesn't have a BGSU ID, they can go to the Student Union after they are moved in to have one created.

GUESTS DURING MOVE-IN | The decision to limit guests during move-in has been put in place to protect the entire residential population. In order to keep up with the cleaning requirements needed for high traffic areas, we need to limit the number of people entering our buildings.

Guest Protocols:

  • You can bring multiple people to campus with you, but only one guest will be permitted to enter the building with you at a time.
  • You are only permitted to rotate between two guests on your move-in day. 
  • Guests must be accompanied by you at all times. 

Guest Passes:

  • When you check in, you will receive an orange wristband for you. If you have a guest with you, you will also receive one green wristband.
  • You will only be permitted to bring a guest into your building if you are wearing your orange wristband. And, your guest will only be permitted inside the building if they are wearing a green wristband and you are accompanying them.
  • If you have a second guest you would like to enter the building during the two-hour move-in window:
    • Walk the first guest down to the front desk
    • Our staff will remove the green guest wristband and they will be asked to leave the building
    • Once removed, a new green wristband will be given to you to distribute to your second guest and your second guest will need to put it on BEFORE they enter the building
    • No more than one guest will be permitted inside the building at a time and you can rotate between a maximum of two guests
  • If you brought more than one person with you, they are NOT permitted to hang around the building outside.
  • While you and your one guest are in the building. Anyone else you have brought with you will need to remain in your/their vehicle in long-term parking, or away from any of the residence halls to ensure proper physical distancing and not in the way of others moving.
  • After your two-hour window, the COVID-19 guest policy will be in effect and no guests will be permitted inside the building or in your residence hall room.

2. Did you pack what you need?

The BGSU Packing List is available to assist students with their packing. But before students go out and buy all new items, they should connect with their roommate to make sure they don't pack duplicates. Sharing items like a fridge or microwave can help save space and is easier on the wallet.

If a student will be living in Centennial Hall, Falcon Heights or Founders Hall, there are few extra items they should pack:

  • Shower Curtain
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

Helpful tip: If a student's roommate has already been living on campus during the Fall Semester, they may have a lot of items already. It's a good idea to check with them ahead of time to avoid over packing.

3. Are you attending SOAR

Students attending in-person SOAR on Saturday, January 9, 2021 should sign up for a move-in time on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Sign up for SOAR

What is SOAR? SOAR, "Student Orientation, Advising and Registration", is the first step of your orientation experience at BGSU. This informative, one-day program (created for first-year/freshman students and their transitional needs) serves as your personal introduction and transition to BGSU. The goal is to provide students, their family, and their guests with an overview of university expectations and resources.

4. Confirm your Housing Assignment

You should reconfirm you housing assignment on your MyBGSU Account before you come to campus. Some assignments may have changed. To view your assignment online:

  • Login to your MyBGSU Account
  • Click on “Housing and Meal Plan Application”
  • Your assignment will be displayed on the front page of the application.


BGTV is not your parent's cable provider. BGSU is now streaming BGTV to your room and your mobile device so you can watch your favorite shows ANYTIME, ANYWHERE on campus. Learn more about this new service here and how you can enhance your viewing experience.

6. Download the App


Access dining menus, real time shuttle tracking and residence hall laundry availability anytime on any mobile device. The BGSU App provides campus information such as the latest news, an events calendar, the availability of the Student Recreation Center and much more.

Download the BGSU App

7. Parent and Family Resources

The Office of Residence Life recognizes that attending college is a time of transition for both students and parents. Research also shows that parents and families are the first people students contact when they experience a challenge at school. Because of this, we have created a resource page for Parents and Families to help them be better prepared.

8. Care Packages and Linens

Attention Parents and Family! The Office of Residence Life knows that going to college is a transition for your student and for you. Because of this, we provide two helpful resources for you to utilize; the Care Package Program and Linen and Bedding Program.

Learn more and purchase

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After you move-in, check out the different events happening in your residence hall and around campus each night before your first day of classes. Then, on Jan. 11, we will kick-off Weeks of Welcome – featuring a Winter Wonderland in the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle! 

Weeks of Welcome Events

Pre-Semester Events